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We love to travel. There’s no question about it. We love that feeling of arriving at a new country and going exploring.

We are gypsies at heart and we feel more ‘at home’ seeing the world than when we did have the house, fancy cars and successful careers.

Travel has always been a big part of our lives; together as a couple and when we were younger.  Nicole’s first flight on her own was when she was 10 years old.  She went from Perth to Sydney to see family and that was when the obsession for travel began.


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While many people work their butts off to pay off the mortgage, raise a family and buy all their heart desires, we simply chose to spend our hard earned money on seeing the world.  Of course most people take a yearly vacation to do this, however, we are not most people and a short vacation just didn’t cut it for us.

We travel as much as we can, spending as much time as we can exploring the world.  Owning our own business allows us this luxury. We love our lifestyle, we love the freedom it gives us, we love the people we met and the cultures we experience.  We love our stress free life and that we can come and go as we please.

As the wonderful Walt Disney said:


All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

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