The world is becoming more hectic, so as we travel, we start to consider not only the beauty of objects we are going to see in a place but also the safety factor. While in some Asian and African countries it is not very recommended to travel for tourists, recently the Institute for Economics and Peace published the most peaceful countries in the world index. And today we are going to share a little part of it with you!

So now, relax and start packing your suitcase – all that you need to care in these five amazing place is if you will be able to visit all of the most beautiful and amazing spots!




Bhutan – Happiest Country in the World

While South Asia is not always seen as the friendliest region, but the kingdom of Bhutan, which is surrounded by China and India, managed to keep itself as one of the safest countries in the world.

The happiest people in the world are living in Bhutan, and they are indeed very religious. So to commit crimes against strangers to them is impossible to imagine – here both solo travelers and families with children are definitely secure to travel for as long as they want.

It is important to know that this small but beautiful country does not accept individual tourists who travel here alone. So to get here, you need to travel through the agency which organizes trips and makes sure your security is ensured. After you arrive, you will be left to explore the breathtaking mountains of the Himalayas and temples scattered all over this small country.


Post Cards from Canada - Sunrise


Canada – For those that are not Afraid of the Cold

The highest Canadian horror for travelers is identified as the cold. It’s true – there is nothing else to be scared off in this US neighboring country. No wonder why Canada is in the list of the safest countries in the world!

The cold might be exotic for some, but you can definitely wear more clothing and enjoy breathtaking nature of this amazing country as well. Canadians, for example, see their geographical location as a way to express their creativity too – ice blocks are used as a material for the construction of the bars or the production of sculptures. However, it is best to visit Canada during the warm season, when you can enjoy the full power of Niagara Falls.


New Zealand


New Zealand – Peace & Mud Baths

New Zealand security index is way ahead of neighboring Australia. Of course, you should not keep all the money in your pocket at the back of your pants or to walk in dark a street at night, but there is also no need to tense and do not put your nose out of the hotel too.

When planning a trip here, be sure to include in the northern part of the country located city of Rotorua. It is surrounded by a multitude of healing mud baths and hot springs, where you will regain lost power after a long flight.


Bora Bora


French Polynesia – Paradise on Earth

French Polynesia is definitely that one place on Earth where you can feel like you are living in Eden Gardens. While its island of Bora Bora is the one really worth the title of the paradise – here perfectly white beaches, friendly people and amazing culture all await you.

Even better and surprising is the fact, that due to Bora Bora isolation there are no poisonous snakes or insect here, so you are totally safe to sleep on a beach if you love too. Also, since people here are usually called as the friendliest people in the world, your wallet, and your health will be safe as well. Doesn’t this sound like a real paradise on earth?


Japan Postcards - Our Journey through Tokyo and Kyoto - Tokyo - More Temples


Japan – Spectacular Views in the World’s Best City

Exotic Japan also got into the top ten safest countries list, and its capital city of Tokyo in the Monocle magazine has been voted as the best town in the world!

Although there are pickpockets in some areas, the only threat here may become angry local glimpses, which will be received if you are loudly munching on the public transport. Therefore, without worrying about security do not forget to visit one of the most impressive parts of the country – 3776 meters high active volcano and the symbol of the whole nation – Mt Fuji, which can be seen from almost any point in Tokyo.


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