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5 Reasons To Book An Escape To Molokai

Hawaii is known for its paradisiacal stretches of coastline that offer respite from reality to the thousands of visitors arriving with one thing on their mind….a tropical island escape.

While Maui, Oahu and Hawai’i cater to those who desire 5 star comforts, white linen living and catered cultural experiences, the island of Molokai is content to keep itself out of the limelight welcoming only those with the desire for a true Hawaiian escape.

Known as the real Hawaii, Molokai is the smallest island in the archipelago. Just 106 miles of coastline encompass this tropical haven, only 8,000 residents live here and there are no stoplights in operation on the island.

If you desire a beach break far removed from the stresses of modern living, Molokai is the destination for you. If you need convincing here are 5 reasons to book an escape to Molokai.


5 Reasons To Book An Escape To Molokai - papohaku-beach-wl


Meditate in Silence on one of Hawaii’s Largest White Sand Beaches

Papohaku Beach is an uninterrupted 3 mile stretch of idyllic white sand on Molokai’s western shore.
With very little footfall and no onlookers from neighboring beach front resorts, those who chose Molokai for their Hawaiian escape are blessed with the island’s deserted coastline all to themselves.

A paradise for all year round, the winter months bring heavy swells and white fluffy shore break which makes for a fascinating coastal walk, whereas the summer brings calmer waters perfect for snorkeling.


5 Reasons To Book An Escape To Molokai - wavecrest-rear1


Sip Cocktails on your Private Lanai with views of the Neighboring Islands

It’s no secret that beach front property prices are at a premium throughout Hawaii.

At the most popular locations the nightly rate for an ocean view room is more than many families choose to spend on a one week stay. However this isn’t the case on Molokai.’s Molokai Vacation Rentals offer affordable self-catering units in some of the most scenic spots on the island. During my stay I rented a one bedroom condo in the Wavecrest Resort on the eastside of the island and enjoyed views of neighboring Maui from my lanai.


5 Reasons To Book An Escape To Molokai - aerial-oahu1


Get a Free Airtour of Oahu and Molokai

Ok, so it’s not exactly free.

However, if you choose to fly into neighboring Oahu en route to Molokai, your inter-island connection with Mokulele Air offers incredible views of the rich landscape below.

Diamond Head, the high rise buildings of Waikiki Beach and the vibrant azure waters of Oahu are contrasted by the lush emerald forested expanse of Molokai.


5 Reasons To Book An Escape To Molokai - molokai-kalaupapa-peninsula1


Soak in the Heritage of the Islands

At the heart of Hawaii’s cultural heritage the island of Molokai has a dark history, one of exile and isolation.
In the late 1800s the island’s remote Kalaupapa Peninsula was designated for the segregation of those islanders afflicted with leprosy, or Hansen’s disease as it is known today.

Cut off from the rest of the island with no clean water or shelter, the ill faced unimaginable hardships until Father Damien deVeuster, a Belgian priest, arrived on the island and dedicated his life to improve living conditions on the peninsula.

Today visitors can access the site with a local guide via air, mule or by hiking the steep 3 mile track. Contact Molokai Outdoors for more information.


5 Reasons To Book An Escape To Molokai - East_Molokai


See the World’s Tallest Sea Cliffs

Hawaii’s landscapes are rich and varied but Molokai offers some of the most awe inspiring views in the archipelago.
Forged from the fiery heart of two volcanoes the island’s topography has changed dramatically since its inception some two million years ago. One major event within its evolutionary history was the collapse of the Makanalua Penninsula which resulted in the awe inspiring sea cliffs we see today on the island’s eastern shores.

For a quintessentially Molokai excursion contact local resident Walter Naki who offers ocean tours of the cliffs and check out my travel guide to Molokai for more information regarding preparing for your escape.


Have I convinced you to book an escape to Molokai? 


Freelance writer and blogger Charli has lived in 6 countries, driven 25,000km across Australia, explored the lush landscapes of Central America and the frigid winters of North America.  Charli and Benjamin form the team over at Wanderlusters.  You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter


Photo Credit – Worlds Tallest Sea Cliffs


  1. Very convincing recount and photography. Just came back from Maui where I was staring at this island for 7 days, but never thought it could be so beautiful.

  2. Looks gorgeous! And interesting tip – I’d never heard of Molokai, so thanks for the info. I would love to get to Hawaii someday. (Actually, I want to do a trip where I visit all of the states in the US, so hopefully I’ll make it then.)

    Great tip about the inter-island flight as well. I love seeing places from the air!

  3. Wendy /

    Molokai is my favorite Hawaiian island. You captured the essence – laid back, healing, spiritual, beautiful. Molokai Visitors Bureau Facebook page is good to follow for those really looking to travel there.

  4. Oh man, I love the idea of a beautiful and quiet Hawaiian beach! It sounds perfect!
    Sara recently posted…Make the Most of Your Ottawa Day Trip in Three Easy StepsMy Profile

  5. Joe 'Tesla Manifestor' Kennedy /

    I think you have convinced me to visit Molokai … We’re going to Oahu for sure in October and will be there for only 13 days, but if we can extend, I’d definitely love to try Molokai!

    I usually go to Oahu to visit friends and family, but also love Maui (esp the road to Hana) and Kauai for hiking and snorkeling with sea turtles.

  6. Scott /

    I dreamed about the quiet and mystical Molokai the entire time I was staying in Maui two years ago. It was calling out to me everyday that I looked off the balcony of my condo. And now the longing has gotten stronger after reading your post. Thank you for solidifying my plans to take the trek to Molokai the next time I make it to the islands.

    • Michael
      Michael Wright /

      I could imagine you waking up in the morning and hearing your name on the breeze coming from Molokai. Well you better answer it’s call! :p

  7. We visited Molokai first in 1983, and again every couple years. Each time we expected, but dreaded the thought of life there changing. It didn’t. Unique in every way, there is a saying “Don’t Change Molokai, let Molokai change You”. Arrive, slow down, and put a smile on your face and aloha in your heart. We finally bought a home there this year. A dream 30 years in the making.

    The Link is not to me, but for the island of Molokai, this the local owned bookstore offers insights on the attitude and the people.

  8. We are planning our Hawaii vacation right now and this is a push that we needed just to get over the ‘but its so expensive’ bump in the road.
    Preeti recently posted…Long distance travel with a baby/toddlerMy Profile

  9. Wow! I didn’t need 5 reasons — that first photo was reason enough for me 😀 But yes, after all five I’ve certainly been VERY convinced 😀 Hopefully one day… !! Happy travels to you.

  10. Great article Charli. Molokai was the last of the Hawaiian islands we needed to visit and we fell in love with it right away. We live on Oahu and the traffic and constant construction is getting to be unbearable. After our first trip to Molokai we were hooked. We bought a vacation home there so we can go often (Only a 25 min flight from Oahu) and we rent it out when we can’t be there. I retire next June and we are planning on moving there. If you really want to see Hawaii the way it is meant to be seen, Molokai needs to be on the top of you list.

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