Scroll through any media website today and it would not be surprising if we chose to stay put in our own home. Wars, mass acts of violence, pandemics, and giant celeb butts – it is all frightening stuff. But as we know a fully lived life is an adventurous one. Damn the doom and gloom pundits. Rather than putting travel off until later when ‘everything has settled down’, which is most unlikely, make 2015 the year you take that trip you have been dreaming about. Here’s 6 Reasons Why Travel Should Be on Your Bucket List for 2015.


VAN6 Reasons Why Travel Should Be on Your Bucket List for 2015 - Sky Bridge - Plane


A Good Deal

With falling oil prices, it is rumored that airfares may go the same way. This could be an optimistic prediction but even so carriers are more likely to use some of their surplus cash into smart new planes and services so you benefit in the long run.

If you are traveling from the US then the dollar is looking healthier than it has in some years so you are able to buy more travel and better accommodation for the same price. Think Central and South America for an exciting economical adventure. You won’t go wrong if you pick Costa Rica.


6 Reasons Why Travel Should Be on Your Bucket List for 2015 - Turks and Caicos



Actually leaving the comfort of your own home has been proven to promote deep relaxation that can be difficult to achieve in your workaday life. I find that by the second night into a vacation I am sleeping like a baby. The sun and surf holiday works quickly to unknot and unwind the most anxious, fraught personality. If it is a break from stress and pressure that is required, then napping and eating delicious food in a beautiful exotic setting is a good vacation choice.


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Expand Yourself

This could occur literally with all the napping and snacking but on a metaphysical and psychological level travel is proven in fact to broaden the mind. We are all defined by our routines. Without knowing it we move through life dulled by the habitual activities that earn us our living. We need novelty to stop us in our well-trodden tracks, to enable us to see things afresh and think new thoughts. Often solutions, revolutionary ideas and out of left field plans are hatched on vacations for this very reason.


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Take Some Risks

This expanded sense of self often means that you feel open to new experiences and learning. Things that you would never think of doing in your own habitat you embrace with a new enthusiasm. I have uncharacteristically found myself in a foreign country, facing my fear of heights atop of buildings and bridges and zip lining through a rainforest. Normally I would consider these foolhardy and dangerous activities. There is nothing like being out of your cautious hide bound comfort zone to develop unexpected sides of your character.


VAN6 Reasons Why Travel Should Be on Your Bucket List for 2015 - Rome


Educate Yourself

Suddenly arriving in a new region or country will to trigger your curiosity. So much is unexplained and mysterious just waiting to be understood. I strongly believe that travel is enhanced by finding out about a country and its culture before you visit or while you are there. It deepens the experience and your understanding of life and difference. Simple conversations with people, watching locals go about their days can teach you so much. Unthinking biases and prejudices they you were not even aware of are challenged and overturned. At this time more than any other, there is a need for understanding of other points of view.


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Enrich Relationships

Travel with your partner and family can be a testing experience, a roller coaster ride of intense closeness and even more intense irritation. The stress of getting to places and challenges that travel brings can test a relationship but once the problem is solved, the bonds are deepened. Oddly enough the unreasonable meltdown can provide the most fond memories post travel. Children and travel are a good mix. They are small curious sponges who pick up languages and understanding effortlessly. Travel is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give their child.

So if you are in two minds about whether 2015 should be your year to travel definitely err on the side of optimism, curiosity and openness and book those tickets ASAP.


Do you have any others to add to our 6 Reasons Why Travel Should Be on Your Bucket List for 2015 list?