With water acrobatics and high wire acts Le Reve: The Dream is a Vegas show that travelers shouldn’t miss. The performance takes place with the audience surrounding the stage, so there is genuinely not a bad seat in the house. All of the talent is located within close range of the spectators and the fact that the performers use nearby access points allows them to interact more closely with the audience than is the norm in other venues. This show is one of the most unique experiences we had in Las Vegas. The stage is effectively a large pool with platforms rising out of it to fit the current act of the show.

Guests in the VIP section are additionally provided with champagne, chocolate truffles, and chocolate covered strawberries. They also have access to a monitor that provides them with underwater and aerial views as well as passes for select clubs and eateries in the hotel.


A colorful aquatic wonderland in Le Reve The Dream - Photo 3


A loosely woven framework story of a woman going to sleep kicks off the entire show but the acts tend to take on a life all their own after the performance area explodes into a fiery ring. Perhaps the most intriguing part of the show is the dance number that starts with synchronized swimmers kicking their heels up in the water and rapidly escalates as several couples tango their way across a multilevel platform. I also liked the portion of the show where the crew used fans and multicolored lights to create a slightly surreal dream sequence.

The special effects were very good throughout the entire performance and the talented cast worked exceedingly hard to give viewers a night to remember. There was even beautiful live music being played throughout the entire production. Those working behind the scenes also did an amazing job as the costumes, scenery, and lighting were exactly what one would expect from a Vegas show. There is indeed plenty to see.


A colorful aquatic wonderland in Le Reve The Dream - Photo 1


It occurred to me that this show would be an especially good choice for anyone traveling through the United States who doesn’t speak English. After all, there is no language barrier to be had when the performance in question revolves around great music and dance. Le Reve is also an excellent venue for couples on dates or folks on their honeymoon because there is an underlying romantic theme to the show. In fact, the framework story centers on the dreaming woman trying to choose who she wants to be with in the end.

These shows take place at the Wynn Theater in the hotel of the same name. The hotel is located at 3131 South Las Vegas Boulevard. Le Reve performances take place two times at day 7pm and 9:30pm except on Wednesdays and Thursdays when no shows take place.


A colorful aquatic wonderland in Le Reve The Dream - Photo 2


Le Reve is appropriate for kids and most of those that we saw in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves. However, anyone that is under the age of 18 and wants to see the show will need to be accompanied by an adult. Even so, youths under the age of 5 are not allowed to attend any performances.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and would highly recommended it to anyone, young or old. Vegas doesn’t get much better than this!