Writing a list of luxury things to do in Paris is not as easy as it sounds. As one of the most luxurious places in the entire world, there are a million and one things we could have put on this list to compile a week’s worth of luxury experiences.

What we’ve done is try to give you some offbeat experiences, things that you may have never heard about before, in places that you wouldn’t necessarily expect or have otherwise found, and others that are unmissable classics. Here’s our rundown of luxury things to do in Paris, things that will make you feel like the King and Queen of the City of Love.


The Eiffel Tower Experience - Views


Have champagne at the top of the Eiffel Tower

A visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris is obviously a must-do in this city, and to get the best views of the mesmerizing cityscape you really do have to go to the top. Furthermore, what could be more decadent than sipping on a glass of champagne, and making a toast to your travels with the one you love? The Champagne Bar at the top of the Eiffel Tower sells perfectly chilled pink and white champagne, so raise your glass and treat yourself to a moment you’ll never forget.




Cruise down the River Seine

There is something completely magical about gliding down a river on a boat, absorbing all the beauty around you. If that boat happens to be on the River Seine in Paris, you’ll definitely not be short of beauty, that’s for sure. There are numerous companies that run boat tours down the river, so really the choice is up to you as to which you’d want to go for. For a really luxurious experience, find a company which offers dinner and drinks. With the backdrop and all corners of Paris running by you, there couldn’t be a more perfect way to have dinner on the Seine.


Wine and Oysters


Sip on wine and eat oysters

France is, of course, notorious for its incredible selection of wines, and there are hundreds of places around Paris where you can sample said wines, as well as sip on a luxury cocktail whilst eating some decadent food.

Joséphine is a new little local hangout in Paris, which just opened earlier in 2013, and has a range of sophisticated cocktails, an epic list of wines, and artisan whiskies; there really is no other place in town for find the best of the best booze.

If you’re in the mood for oysters, another little hidden spot that is a well-kept secret in Paris is Huiterie Regis, a tiny little hole-in-the-wall joint that serves some of the best oysters in town. They also have a fantastic wine selection to top off a simple yet perfect evening.


Lovers Bridge Paris


Picnic on Lover’s Bridge

Pont des Arts is a little pedestrian bridge right next to the Louvre in Paris, and is a serious hangout hotspot for lovers. In recent years, lovers started to place padlocks onto the bridge railing to commemorate their undying love, and the craze caught on so much so that the bridge is now completely covered with locks.

On Saturday nights you can usually find locals and tourists alike meandering down this bridge, and spreading a blanket down to share a picnic with friends and loved ones. Buy yourself a bottle of nice wine and some cheese and crackers from a market, and make your very own lovers picnic on Pont des Arts.


Moulin Rouge


Dinner and a show at the Moulin Rouge

It seems that almost all of our things on this list include eating, but we’ll just go with that for now! The Moulin Rouge is on of Paris’ top attractions, and quite rightly so. The shows, which have been going on for over 100 years, are some of the most fantastical and dazzling on the planet, with hundreds of performers all dressed up in twinkling costumes and feathers.

Moulin Rouge is a wonderful night out. You can enjoy a full dinner or if you prefer, you can simply sip on champagne while you watch the show. We absolutely loved our night out at Moulin Rouge – it is sure to be an experience you’ll never forget.


Chocolate Body Wrap


Chocolate Scrub at the Four Seasons Hotel Spa

That’s right, as if eating chocolate wasn’t indulgent enough, now you can slather it all over your body in the name of health and beauty. The chocolate spa package at the Four Seasons George V in Paris is a necessity for every cacao lover in the city. First you’re scrubbed with it, then wrapped in it, then moisturized with cacao butter. If you’re still not sick of chocolate after that two and a half hour experience, you’ll have the chance to taste a selection of the hotel’s chocolates from their very own patisserie. You’ve no doubt has this actual dream before if you’re a chocolate love, so make those dream come true!


High Tea in Paris


Take some High Tea in Style

Nothing screams luxury in the afternoon quite like High Tea, and there a few different places to take some high tea in Paris to make you feel like an early 20th century aristocrat in no time. The Ritz is one of the best places in the city to have some high tea, but they are closed for renovation until 2014. Make sure you check back there once it reopens as the renovations will make the Ritz bigger and better than ever before.

The Four Seasons also has Afternoon Tea experiences, with assortments of macaroons, homemade scones, finger sandwiches, tea, coffee, or traditional hot chocolate, and much more. There are different packages at different prices, so almost anyone can find something to suit them and their budget for a little splash of luxury.


A Magical Night in Paris - Building


Visit the sights at night

Paris is at its most gorgeous and spellbinding at night. Instead of walking around when all the tourists are at their most fervent, why not take a little tour of the infamous Paris sights by night. We took a tour with Discover Walks Paris and it was one of the highlights of our visit.  There is nothing quite like seeing Paris at night.  The Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Cœur, Notre Dame, the Louvre and Arc de Triomphe are all examples of architectural wonders that look absolutely stunning when they’re all lit up in the evenings.


How to be a Parisian in one hour


Watch How to Become a Parisian in One Hour

TripAdvisor gives this show the number 2 spot for the best performances in Paris.   This comedy show is performed in English by the the very funny Frenchman Oliver Giraud.  Oliver’s comical guide to the stereotyped rude Parisian draws large crowds from all over the world, including France!  It seems they do not take offense to his mocking of their clichéd fellow countrymen.

In eight quick lessons you will learn what you need to ‘fit in’ during your Paris visit; the depressed demeanor while on the Metro, how to toss your hair properly, how to giggle historically to gain entrance to exclusive clubs and how to deliver the best French air kisses.  This hilarious look into the life of a Parisian will have you in fits of laughter from start to finish.


Chocolate in Brussels Belgium - Pierre Marcolini


Indulge in Chocolate and Pastries

You will find bakeries and patisseries all over Paris where you can eat divine chocolates and pastries, but there are a number that stand out as the best of the best.

Pierre Hermé is renowned in Paris for producing some of the most delicious macaroons you’ll ever taste. A visit to his store is a delight on both the taste buds and the eyes – the colorful heavenly bites are displayed beautifully.

Pierre Marcolini is a chocolatier we first familiarized ourselves with in Brussels. He is infamous in the world of chocolate for creating instants classics and all kinds of odd mixtures, which almost always manage to turn out completely scrumptious anyway. He has two stores in central Paris, so make sure you visit one, create yourself your own little assortment of designer chocolates, and indulge in the finest chocolates you may ever taste.


Paris at night - Eiffel Tower


Sleeping in Luxury

After hours upon hours of walking around this beautiful city it is nice to have somewhere comfortable to lay your head at days end. Mövenpick Neuilly is the perfect place for a wonderful nights sleep. Located in the very posh area of Neuilly, it is just a short 15 minute walk to the Champs Elysees, another Paris luxury must.

Mövenpick Neuilly have rooms which have Eiffel Tower views; Imagine looking out your window at night and seeing the Tower sparkling back at you. Order a bottle of Champagne via room service for the perfect night in.


What was your favorite ‘luxurious’ thing to do in Paris?