Have you ever been to a country or city with fairly low expectations only to be blown away when you got there?  That’s what is was like for us when we traveled to Barcelona.

We weren’t expecting much from this Spanish city that we knew very little about.  Visiting here was a last minute decision, but one of the best we have made on our travels so far.

The architecture was what blew us away.  We referred to it as ‘eye candy’!  While walking through the city we had our necks strained looking above us, beside us, behind us and every which way, in order to take in as much as we could.  There is a beautiful mix of modernism, gothic and renaissance styles with many other influences thrown in to the mix.

And the beaches?  Absolutely beautiful!  I never thought of Barcelona as somewhere which would have great beaches, but I was wrong…. If the thousand or so beach goers was anything to go by!

But my favorite part of Barcelona was the gorgeous skinny cobblestone streets we came across when walking around the city. Absolutely beautiful!

Barcelona is one of the few cities that we have put back on the must see list! We want to go back and explore this stunning city some more.  Until then, here is a peek into what Barcelona has to offer…


Barcelona Spain

The beautiful beaches of Barcelona


Barcelona Spain

“Barcelona Face” by Roy Lichtenstein which can be found in Port Vell


Photo of the beautiful city

Perfect example of the Gothic style structures in Barcelona


Barcelona Spain

“Barcelona Cathedral” is one of the many stunning churches you will find in the city. Location: Barrio Gotic quarter.


Barcelona Spain

One of my favorite lane ways found in the Barrio Gotic quarter


Barcelona Spain

Another example of a Barcelona lane way with beautiful wrought iron balconies overlooking the street


Barcelona Spain

We spotted this one while on a walking tour.


Barcelona Spain

Hotel Arts building and Torre Mapfre building with the The Peix (fish) sculpture in the middle


Great City Photo

The “Arc de Triumph” was build as the entrance to the World Exposition in 1888


Have you been to a city with little expectations only to be blown away by it?


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