Paris is a spectacular city, one of grandeur and grace. However, come night time, her beauty shines above all others. There is nothing more magical than seeing this stunning city all lit up. In the spirit of loving this city from nightfall onwards, we decided to take a tour of Paris at night to continue our enchanting journey through this city.


A Magical Night in Paris  - Sunset


The tour started right by the Louvre at 9pm, just as the sun started to set. As the groups are small, the tour had a much more intimate atmosphere, and even though you’re with other people, the tour still has an air of romance around it. I find that Paris just has a way of doing that at night – there is something that really captures you when the lights of the city start to twinkle and you’re with someone that you love. Seeing the Louvre at night, not flooded with tourists and people constantly snapping photos, is a sight in itself. We witness a wonderful sunset, allowing for great photo opportunities – Without thousands of tourists getting in the shot. This already magnificent building looks like one of the paintings hanging within its walls when the lights come on at dusk; truly spectacular.


A Magical Night in Paris - Building


As if the beauty of the Louvre wasn’t enchanting enough, we then took a stroll to a bridge over the River Seine. This was the perfect opportunity for us to take all those beautiful night time photos of the reflections in the water. The lamps and motifs dotted along the bridges in Paris light up at night, creating these inviting little pathways over the River Seine, down which you can meander and look across the river, enjoying the cityscape before you.

Onwards we walked to Saint-Germain, the left bank’s answer to the artistic neighborhood of Montmatre. This district was once walked by great minds of the 20th century, such as Jean-Paul Satre and Samuel Beckett. Think penniless writers, great existentialist thinkers, modern philosophers; those are the kinds of people that once lived and loved in Saint-Germain, and the neighbourhood still preserves some of that youthful charm that once attracted these people to it. Here you will find gorgeous little cobblestone streets dotted with cafes full of locals and tourists alike, chatting about the day behind them. Our tour with a local guide gave us an insight into what the neighborhood is really like and told us stories about what Saint Germain really represents.


A Magical Night in Paris  - Lourve


Along with experiencing Paris is her glowing glory, the tour also gave us a look into the history of this city. The tour guide regaled us with tales from yonder which only added to the allure of Paris. If you’re going to take any walking tour in Paris, I would definitely suggest taking one at night. In the day, you’ll be walking alongside every other tourist taking a tour, and have to fight for those iconic photos you’re after, but at night it’s a different story. Not only will the famous landmarks be much quieter, when they’re bathed in the bright lights of Paris at night there is something far more captivating about them, drenched in romance and charm.


A Magical Night in Paris  - TN


The tour guide that showed us around was very knowledgeable about both the history and  of the city.  She was friendly and most importantly passionate about her city.  You could tell it just wasn’t someone just doing a job of showing around a bunch of tourists, it was a local proud of showing the rest of the world a small part of HER city.

After a wonderful evening, we returned to Movenpick Neuilly to rest our weary bodies and dream of this wonderful city that I will now find very hard to leave in the morning.

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Have you visited the City of Love at night? What did you think?