What one gets out of their travels can be quite a personal experience. Some people travel to ‘find themselves’. Some people travel to experience different cultures and customs. Some people travel to see the wonders of the world or the iconic landmarks. And for some people, travel for the feeling of freedom it gives them.

For me travel is about all of the above.

Before we left our conventional life behind for a life of the unknown, I had felt a little lost. I wasn’t sure if what I was doing with my life was really how I wanted to spend the next 30+ years. I felt like there should be more to life than the 9 – 5 and white picket fence.


White picket fence

The ‘normal’ white picket fence life


I have never really fit into any particular ‘mold’ in my 38 years. I never liked working for the man so when I was 24 I got into business for myself and have been ever since. I never wanted to raise a family and have the white picket fence. And I never liked the idea of ‘settling down’.

Those things just weren’t for me. Whether it’s because of my dysfunctional upbringing (although isn’t dysfunctional the new functional??) or whether it was just because I dared to dream outside of the box, I just knew I was meant for something different.

But I didn’t discover travel (overseas travel) until later in life. Although I had always dreamed of traveling, I didn’t leave my home country until I was 29. We didn’t have the finances when I was growing up to travel as a family so I had to wait until I could afford it myself.


Fiji Sunset photo

Fiji at it’s best


But when I found travel, wow, did it grab hold of me! After my first trip I knew travel was going to be a big part of my life. And since that very first overseas trip nearly a decade ago, travel has most definitely been at the forefront in my life.

Travel educates me in a way that school never did. It teaches me patience. It teaches me tolerance. It teaches me to appreciate life. It teaches me to be grateful for all the good in the world. It teaches me to be a better person.

And now, I have made travel my full time passion. Michael and I have been traveling in a full time capacity for 13 months (but who’s counting!). We left our home, family and friends so we could travel the world and give ourselves experiences and memories to look back on in 20 years time with no regrets. There is a quote I saw recently which sums it up perfectly: I regret traveling the world. Said no one. EVER.


A beach we would never have seen without traveling

A beach we would never have seen without traveling


Some people say I must be running away from something to want to travel for so long.

I guess in some ways I am running away; running away from the life I wasn’t enjoying; running away from past failures; running away from the mundane; running away from the pain of losing a loved one… But I don’t like to think of it that way.

As much as I am running away from things, I am also running towards something too; new experiences; personal growth; tolerance; gratefulness; education; a new life. That is what travel means to me.


Why do you travel?


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