By the banks of the River Thames, the medieval market town Kingston upon Thames awaits you. One of the 5 Royal Boroughs in England and Wales, this title was commemorated by a stained glass window in the Kingston Museum located in Wheatfield Way. There are hundreds of interesting shops to explore, plenty of history to rediscover, ever-changing markets to roam through, live music to listen to, street performances to entertain you, cafés to watch the world go by, restaurants to whet your appetite, unique bars to sit in, a beautiful tranquil river to stroll by, and a burgeoning arts scene to inspire you.


Kingston upon Thames - Swans


With just a 25 minute train from Waterloo station, Kingston Upon Thames is easily accessible from Central London. Kingston is like a breath of fresh air! I was a first time visitor to Kingston recently. After being based in London for several months, I was lucky enough to visit this original town. What surprised me the most was how different it felt for me simply just to walk round and soak up my surroundings. I didn’t even feel like I was in London. It took me on a journey in a sense.

I can see how Kingston can appeal to not only tourists but also Londoners who will feel like tourists in their own city. A break from the norm, a welcome change, a diversion from their life. Kingston took me by the hand and guided me through her streets with wide brown eyed wonder. I will never forget our close relationship and how we bonded quickly and easily in our time together.


A weekend away in Kingston Upon Thames - Walking Tour


Before immersing yourself in the present, let’s learn about her intriguing past. I would highly recommend you to consider joining one of Kingston’s guided walking tours. These commence from All Saints Church gates in the Ancient Market Place. You will learn all about her historic dark side, her art and her ancient royalty as well as the evolving industries she was famous for plus so much more. The walking tours are for approximately 1 hour and for more information visit


A weekend away in Kingston Upon Thames - Warren House


Whilst you are bathing in uniqueness, Warren House is a luxurious way to spoil yourself for a lavish weekend away in Kingston. Set in 4 acres of beautiful greenery on the tranquil Coombe Estate, I felt like I was in a movie set. The gardens were immaculate and picturesque. This is the most romantic place I’ve ever stayed in. Absolutely perfect for weddings.

In conjunction with this serenity, I’d also suggest visiting UR Beautiful to be pampered from head to toe. Located on the first floor of Boots, 42 Union Street – the friendly attentive staff will indulge you with their manicures, facials, massages as well as other modern innovations in beauty they are passionate about.


A weekend away in Kingston Upon Thames - HCP


If you are really interested in disappearing from the stresses of life for a few hours, then the famous gardens and Tudor history of Hampton Court Palace is the place for you. There are over 60 acres of majestic gardens running down to the River Thames, an intricate maze to navigate yourself through, the oldest and largest grapevine in the world and wander at the opulence of learning all the stories of the royalty that resided at the palace for over 500 years. .

After a day of absorbing Kingston’s interesting historical tales, you may be a little thirsty for more than just knowledge, Woody’s Restaurant and Bar right alongside the River is simply a fun, unconventional environment where approachability is felt as soon as I stepped inside. The decor is great and the vibe is magnetic. This is an independently owned bar therefore the mixture and long list of drinks available is ginormous and varied.

I love Kingston Upon Thames for sweeping me off my feet!

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