One destination that has been on my list for many many years is Amsterdam Netherlands.ย  I’m not sure which captures my attention first – tulips, canals or the colorful skinny buildings.ย  So i was really excited when we decided to take a trip there last summer.

We only had 4 short days to wander around this beautiful city so we wanted to take in as much as we could in that time.

We didn’t know what to expect when we arrived because besides the tulips, canals and skinny buildings all we knew about this city was in regards to red lights and green things (if you get my drift!).

But what we found was so much more! The beauty of this city is beyond words so here is a photogenic journey of our time there…


Amsterdam Netherlands Photo Essay - Vondel park

Vondel Park.
A very popular destination for locals and tourist and no wonder – Its beautiful! Take a stroll or ride a bike through this gorgeous park and see why it is so popular


Amsterdam Netherlands Photo Essay - Canal

I love this canal with the houses lined up right to the edge of the canal.


Amsterdam Netherlands Photo Essay - Lane

A typical Amsterdam Street
Cobblestones, tall skin buildings, bicycles and lush greenery can be found on most streets in this picturesque city.


Amsterdam Netherlands Photo Essay - House

The tall skinny buildings which Amsterdam is known for


Amsterdam Netherlands Photo Essay - Canal

Amsterdam Canals
This is just one of the 165 canals you can find in Amsterdam, most of which are lined with homes and trees like this one.


Amsterdam Netherlands Photo Essay - Canal

Amsterdam Canals
Yes another canal shot! But I loved these large trees that stand over the canals


Amsterdam Netherlands Photo Essay - Bike

There are more than 600,000 bikes in Amsterdam! Its a very popular way to get around for locals and tourists alike.


Amsterdam Netherlands Photo Essay - Street

This was my favorite street we walked down in Amsterdam. I love the cobblestone road, the lush green trees and the typical skinny Dutch homes.


Have you been to this amazing city? We are going back this year – Would love some suggestions for ‘must sees’ while we are there. Our time was short last year so there was a lot we didn’t see – Thank you in advance ๐Ÿ™‚


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