Okay, so you know we love Amsterdam, and we have already shown you some of our pretty pictures from our first visit, but this time we saw even more and had a new camera!  Here are some of our favorite shots we took while walking around the beautiful city of Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Photo Post - 9

It is always a hub of activity around the stunning Centraal Railway Station Building



Amsterdam Photo Post - 10

We were lucky enough to be in town for the Amsterdam Gay Pride Canal Parade. Being there you can feel the support of the locals.



Amsterdam Photo Post - 11

Every time I see these buildings it reminds me of a child’s drawing.



Amsterdam Photo Post - 1

Bike and a Canal, can you get any more Amsterdam?



Amsterdam Photo Post - 2

House Boats come in all shapes and forms, from spectacular to ‘can’t believe it is still afloat’.



Amsterdam Photo Post - 3

Classic Amsterdam Buildings overlooking the canals



Amsterdam Photo Post - 4

The canals can get a bit crowded sometimes. It’s ok, we had the biggest boat, so we won!



Amsterdam Photo Post - 5

This photo gives you that feeling you are cruising past a Cafe full of people drinking coffee. That was the effect I was going for … it wasn’t a blurry photo… honest!



Amsterdam Photo Post - 6

One of many places to eat in and around the red light district. Or should that be green light district?



Dam square at night

Dam square at night. During the day this photo would have had 100s of people in it. It is a hive of activity during the day with every tourist out with their camera.



Light on a Canal

Canal at night – Light reflecting off the water.



Red Light District

The Red Light District is a beautiful area.



Gay Pride Parade

People line the canal before the Gay Pride Canal Parade starts



Bikes on Street

Bikes line a typical Amsterdam back street


Have you been to Amsterdam? What was your favorite part?