Charli and Ben are the amazing team behind the travel blog

They left their home in the UK in 2011 and have been nomadic ever since! Charli and Ben house sit while they travel which has allowed them to stay on the road permanently.

Here’s what they say about their exciting life of travel!


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What is the best part and worst part of full time travel?

The best part about full time travel is waking up each morning and knowing your day will be full of adventure. No two travel days are the same. Everything from the people you meet to the food you eat will be new and exciting.

There are a number of elements that sometimes make full time travel stressful. Flying long haul and missing a connection, realizing you’ve left something at a hotel after checking out, packing and unpacking and then packing 24 hours later. These are all elements of full time travel we could live without. However in comparison to the pressures of the corporate 9 to 5 these factors fade into insignificance!


What changes did you make in order to save money for your travels?

Ben has always been very money conscious: being your own boss you’re a lot more switched on to where every penny is spent. The thing that saved us a huge chunk of cash was giving up our apartment in London and moving back home six months prior to our departure.

We also avoided spending money on anything we didn’t desperately need for about 12 months. Christmas and birthday presents were homemade, shopping sprees, lunch and dinner dates cancelled. We even found switching from branded to own brand products is worth it to save some extra money.


In what ways, if any, has full time travel changed you?

Ben: I’m not sure travel itself has changed me however I do believe it has enabled me to better understand my own personality. We’ve had so many varied experiences, some good, some bad, but all have taught us valuable lessons which we will carry with us throughout our lives.

Charli: So often you hear tales from travelers claiming a RTW journey changed their life, made them a better person or gave their life meaning. Listening to them rave on about it used to irritate me somewhat. So I daren’t start preaching about how our journey has chiseled away at the exterior of my soul and carved a new, more cultured version of myself! I think full time travel has changed my perception of the world, it’s shown me the true order of my priorities and shaped me into a more confident and considerate person.


What would you say to people who want to travel but are worried about safety issues?

We’d say that it’s ok to have concerns. Fear is what keeps us from stepping over the boundaries; it keeps our common sense in check and regulates our decisions.

Travel is about feeding your desire for wanderlust, focus on what drives your desire to travel and visit places that inspire you. If you’re concerned about your safety research the location and familiarize yourself with local customs. Knowledge is power when it comes to safety.


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What’s your advice for aspiring travelers?

If youre not living on the edge you’re taking up too much space. – Stephen Hunt

If you’ve got an insatiable desire for wanderlust do one thing each day that feeds that yearning. You don’t have to fly to the other side of the world to travel. Sometimes exploring your own backyard produces just as many new experiences.


What has been the most moving or emotional experience you’ve had while traveling?

While the act of travelling provides a whole roller coaster of emotions it’s the people we’ve met along the way that have had the greatest impact on our experience.

Charli: I volunteered as a veterinary nurse with an animal charity in Costa Rica and found the experience to be far removed from anything I had done before. The level of dedication and compassion shown by those involved was incredibly moving. Each week they rescued hundreds of animals from the streets then neutered, cleaned and rehabilitated them before finding each one a home.

Ben: I am always touched by the warm welcome we receive by those we house sit for. To be greeted with open arms and treated as though family by people you’ve just met is incredibly humbling.


You housesit while you travel – What do you like most and least about this method of travel?

The best part of house sitting is temporarily walking through life in someone else’s shoes. We’ve had some incredible experiences while housesitting and feel very lucky to have been successful in securing so many different assignments. We’ve learnt the basics of managing a macadamia farm, lived in the Costa Rican jungle, tried our hand at lifestyle farming and explored some fascinating environments.

The worst part of housesitting is that it is very easy to become accustomed to your momentary lifestyle change and not want to leave! Especially when pet sitting. It can be so hard to leave behind the furry roommates who’ve kept you company over the course of the assignment.


What is the best and worst thing about traveling as a couple?

Travelling as a couple means you share your adventures with the person you love. When you’re together 24/7, 365 days of the year you really do push the boundaries of your relationship and delve to the far reaches of your other half’s character. While occasionally tempers fray and arguments cloud your view, there’s always reconciliation on the horizon. Travel brings you closer together; with every experience you have you share something new, just the two of you.

Being with the one you love 24/7 is actually quite unusual. In a ‘normal’ living situation each partner gets up, goes to work and perhaps socializes separately a few nights a week, you have your own life, your own head space. However when you are travelling together there’s often nowhere to escape. Your other half becomes your best friend, confidant and lover all rolled up into one.

So we think that the best and worst part of traveling as a couple is being together 24/7.


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Fun Fun Five

If you could travel back in time, which era and place would you go to and why?

Ben: I think it would have to be the Jurassic era. To see dinosaurs roaming our earth would be the ultimate ‘Wild’ experience. I’m not sure how close I’d like to get mind you! I’ve seen Jurassic Park, I know this fantasy could end!

Charli: I’d love to have been alive in the 1920’s. The radical political changes and thriving jazz scene in the USA must have been so far removed from the events of the past. I think it would have been fascinating to watch it all unfold.


If you could travel with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Ben: I’d travel with Prof Brian Cox. I find his documentary series fascinating and would enjoy having such an intelligent travel buddy. – no offense Charli!

Charli: I think it would have to be someone like Ellen Macarthur. Her desire for adventure and enduring spirit are something I really admire.


What was the first overseas trip you took?

Ben: I was born in Germany and spent the first year of my life touring the country with my parents. So technically the first overseas trip I took was home to the UK!

Charli: My parents took me to the Canary Islands when I was very young, I have vague memories of playing in the swimming pool and splashing about in the sea with my mum.


If you had to chose a country other than your own to settle down in, where would it be and why?

At the moment it would be southern Costa Rica. The lush rainforests, white sandy beaches and simplistic lifestyle seduced our nomadic hearts. While we’re not yet ready to settle, if we had too I think we’d try and make a life for ourselves in our own little piece of Costa Rican paradise.


What city was best value for money?

Granada, Nicaragua. It’s just incredible what you can live on in many of the Central American countries. We paid just $8/night for a room and ate like kings for a few dollars a day.


What is your preferred method of travel; Trains, Planes, Buses, Driving or Cruising?

We much prefer to take our own road trips. Being in control of your own destiny is always very appealing to us. We are able to plan our own itinerary and choose to detour at a moment’s notice.



In 2010 Charli & Ben made the decision to live a life less ordinary and six months later embarked on an undefined period of travel.  Enforcing no restrictions on their itinerary they have chosen to travel at a slow pace and incorporate house sitting assignments in each country they visit. With no time limit restricting their experience they are content to continue exploring the world as digital nomads. From backpacking through Central America to road tripping around Australia they embrace each and every opportunity for adventure. You can follow Charli & Ben on their journey on: Wanderlusters, Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

If you are a seasoned traveler and would like to take part in our interview series please express your interest via Thank you!