Costa Rica was one of the most stunning countries we have ever visited.  We started with a Road Trip, which included visits to La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Jaguar Rescue Center and our favorite The Sloth Sanctuary.  Though the middle of the country we saw SO much green.  People were friendly and we always felt safe.

Even with all the new development going on you can easily find your own space here.  At our house sit we can go the whole day not hearing any cars or other humans activity, just howler monkeys, toucans and other jungle sounds.  We can even hear the ocean from our back porch, despite it being miles away!  No traffic here!  You understand the appeal of coming down here to get away from it all.

So we thought we would post a Costa Rica Photo Essay together of show some of beauty we saw while we were here.  We had a great time and loved every minute of it.


Costa Rica Photo Essay - Beautiful Beach in Manuel Antonio National Park

Beautiful Beach in Manuel Antonio National Park


Costa Rica Photo Essay - Wildflowers

There are hundreds of different wildflowers in the Costa Rican jungles


Costa Rica Photo Essay - Hanging Bridge over a jungle valley

Hanging Bridge over a jungle valley


Costa Rica Photo Essay - White Lilly

White Lilly stands out in a sea of green


Costa Rica Photo Essay - Scarlet-thighed Dacnis

Scarlet-thighed Dacnis bird looking out over the world


Costa Rica Photo Essay - Poison Dart Frog

The Poison Dart Frog. For a tiny frog it makes one hell of a noise!


Costa Rica - Dead still Caiman awaits his prey

Dead still Caiman awaits his prey


Costa Rica - Blue and yellow Macraw

A blue and yellow Macraw is definitely not a bird that hides from the world.  It is both noisy and colorful, which draws the attention of everyone!


Costa Rica - Sloth

A sloth quietly (and very slowly!) nibbles away at his lunch.


Costa Rica - Butterflies

Beautiful blue butterflies fill the air at the Butterfly House at the La Paz Waterfall Garden


Costa Rica - Waterfall

One of the stunning waterfalls at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens


Costa Rica - Butterfly at rest

A butterfly rests for a minute before spreading it’s wings


Costa Rica - Shell Beach

Costa Rica’s shell beach (Playa Conchal) is sheltered in a bay meaning nice clear water and few waves.


Costa Rica - Jungle Treck

One of the many jungle walks we did. We don’t remember many flat sections! But the views were well worth it.


Costa Rica - Hanging Bridge

Another hanging bridge. This one much higher, with stunning views, it you’re game to look down!


Costa Rica - Jungle Walk

More stairs on our jungle walk. But as you can see the beautiful green surroundings make you feel apart of nature.


Costa Rica - Tucan

One of the most beautiful birds in the world, the Toucan. Every morning we woke up to the sound of these guys chatting to their mates.


Costa Rica - Monkey

This is the look Nicole got when she asked the Howler Monkey to keep quiet while she was trying to nap.


Costa Rica - Sunset

Sunset from our house sit in Costa Rica. Yep, life is tough!


Costa Rica - Sunset

And this brings an end to our Costa Rica Photo Essay. Hope you enjoyed!


Have you been to Costa Rica?  Which was your favorite part?