France.  You may have heard of it?  Popular spot in Western Europe.  Croissants.  Museums.  Lots of touristy landmarks.  Yeah I think you know the place.  France was incredible.  Nicole didn’t want to leave… Especially Paris.  There is just so much to see and do here.  We only had 10 days in France but it wouldn’t be hard to spend 6 months traveling to all the different spots through this beautiful country.  To give you some idea of the beauty that is France, here are a few of our favorite places in our Best of France Photo Essay.


The Best of France Photo Essay - Luxembourg Gardens

Beautiful statues are found all over France – This one is in Luxembourg Gardens Paris


Best of France Photo Essay -  Paris

The architecture is Paris is some of our favorite worldwide


Best of France Photo Essay -  Random Building

Another gorgeous building in Paris. Everywhere where you turn you see beautiful buildings


Best of France Photo Essay -  Nice

Paris – Architecture that will make your jaw drop at every turn


Best of France Photo Essay -  Nice

Nice – Colorful buildings line the streets


France - Nice

Nice – Nude statues are a way of life in these parts


France - Nice

Nice – Nice is well… nice!


France - Nice

Beautiful harbor views in Nice


Nice 18

Nice – Anywhere else in the world a narrow alley is a place to stay out of, but put it in Europe and it’s a must see!



Jardin du Luxembourg – The second largest public park in Paris. A beautiful place for a picnic



France – The Louvre – We aren’t really museum sort of people, but this museum blew us away. For one it is huge! There are so many things to see including some of the all time greats (e.g. Mona Lisa)


Frane - Elysee Palace

Paris – City Hall – Far more impressive than our local one!


France - Nice

Views of the harbor from above in Nice


France - Paris

Paris – Pont Alexandre III bridge with one of it’s golden statues. Oh, and you may recognize the structure at the back!


France - Arc de Triomphe

Paris – Arc de Triomphe – Found at the top of the famous Champs-Élysées


Have you been to France?  Which was your favorite part?