We love the USA.  We have been been there numerous times and spent a total of almost 8 months of our lives there.  We have been to 27 of the states and seen so much.  We have traveled it by bus, plane and we have even road tripped it.  Why do we like it?   There is just so much variety across just one country.  The ‘mighty’ USA has so many different cultures within one country.  Go to LA, Las Vegas, New York, Florida, New Orleans, Hawaii or Nebraska and you will have a totally different experience (though you will always find a Walmart!).  All in one country.

So we have put together our favorite photos of the USA for you to see all the different sides there are to this country.  Here’s our Best of USA Photo Essay.


Best of USA Photo Essay - New York

New York – Time Square – One of the busiest places on the planet and guess what someone is on their phone!


Best of USA Photo Essay - California

California – Lone Cypress Tree – Highway 1 drive down the coast is nothing short of spectacular, with stunning coastline like this


Best of USA Photo Essay - Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs – Houses built into the side of a mountain. Having walked through these tiny rooms I realize how great we have it now


Best of USA Photo Essay - Colorado

Colorado – Picturesque mountain views


USA - Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach – One of the million beaches to find in Florida. The next one better than the last


USA - Disney Orlando

Orlando – You may know this guy??? Mickey with his mate Walt Disney welcoming the millions who have come to see him at Disney World



The famous ‘Painted Ladies’ in San Francisco



California – Los Angelas – During a studio tour we got to see the set of Friends, Nicole’s favorite TV show of all time.


USA - Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe – Crystal clear water with snow capped mountain background. Nice.


USA - New Orleans

New Orleans – We actually took this photo of a horse statue (Andrew Jackson is the guy on his back) while we were on a horse and carriage ride…


USA - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon – What a hole!


USA - Sedona

Sedona – Bell Rock – One of the most spiritual places in the world. Didn’t help me with the Powerball numbers but…


USA - Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park – Beautiful colored geyser.


USA - Santa Monica Pier

California – Santa Monica Pier – A hub of entertainment and every time I see it I think of Forest Gump


USA - Florida

Florida – Siesta Keys Beach – End to another day on our trip of a lifetime


USA - Smokey Mountains

Smokey Mountains – Beautiful stream through the park. We had to turn around due to a snow storm up the road!


USA - Florida

Florida – Atlantic Beach – Sunrise – Yes we were up early enough for a sunrise as we took two dogs for their morning walk. Seeing dolphins passing by happened on almost a daily basis.



California – Venice Beach – Sunset – One of our favorite photos we have taken


USA - Florida

Florida – Daytona Beach – Grab a beer, take a seat and watch the waves roll in


What is your favorite state in the US that could be added to our Best of USA Photo Essay and why?