South Africa is the kind of destination that most people have on their travel bucket list. It’s a country which is so different to most of the rest of the world, so coming on holiday here is an experience that you will never forget. There are a few different ways to experience South Africa, and each of them will definitely appeal to different kinds of travelers. These are the best travel experiences that you will find in this beautiful and scenic part of the world. Read on below to discover them!



Wine and Dine

There are some excellent wine regions in South Africa, from the west to the Cape in the north and to the edge of the Karoo. Going on a wine tasting tour will give you the time of your life if you love to sample different vintages and wineries! If you love port or brandy, there are plenty of renowned routes here as well. Of course, there is a lot of great food here to try, including local delicacies and dishes that you would not find anywhere else. A food and wine tour is a great way to experience more of the country, especially for foodies.


Safari Trip

You can’t miss taking a safari in South Africa if you’re a nature lover! The wildlife here is absolutely amazing, and it’s a once in a lifetime experience to see it all on safari. There are plenty of lodges where you can stay for the full experience, or you can take day trips if you are staying in a more conventional hotel. You don’t have to slum it when you are out in the bush – spa experiences and five-star dining can also be included. You will never forget the first time that you meet an elephant, giraffe, lion, or zebra in the wild. These majestic creatures offer a whole new level of glory when you see them in their natural habitat. It’s exhilarating to drive along and spot them enjoying the open plains or watering holes.



Historic Sites

There have been many years of turbulence in South Africa, and this long history has lent itself to some amazing cultural and historic sites. Be sure to visit some of the places where the struggle for democracy has been fought. There are also museums that you can explore in order to get more of the full story. You can follow the footsteps of some of the greatest freedom fighters in history, as well as seeing evidence of the problems that they were fighting against. This is eye-opening and really brings a new dimension to your visit for history buffs.


Open Seas

While you already know about the stunning wildlife here in South Africa, you might not be aware of the marine life that lives around the coast. Get a tour on a boat, or stay on one for a few days, and you will see some amazing sights. You can spot urban penguins, or watch new-born turtles making their way towards the sea for the very first time. It’s a magical way to see what the coast of South Africa has to offer.


No matter which adventure you choose, you will be enchanted by your time here. So much so that you’ll be wanting to book another trip as soon as you return home!

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