The Blue Man Group in Las Vegas feels like an institution.  It might not be the biggest show in Las Vegas, but any time I think of a Las Vegas show these guys pop into my head.  You know those guys with the expressionless blue faces.


Not so blue after seeing the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas - Pic 4


During this visit to the Sin City we decided to take the time out and watch this critically acclaimed show.  To be honest, we didn’t really know what to expect.  We knew of the Blue Man Group expressionless face, that they don’t talk and that they like to make a good beat out of random objects.  But the question was, could they entertain a crowd for almost two hours?

The answer is YES!


BMG Las Vegas Nevada Photos By Denise Truscello October 24 2012


Their music is very entertaining.  It’s definitely an original type of music, and you will hear amazing rhythms as they beat multiple sized drums and other objects to create their cool sounds.  It really is like no other type of music you have ever heard and you will find yourself tapping your feet away in time to their unique style.

However, the show isn’t all about the music, otherwise it could get monotonous pretty fast.  In between the famous beats that get your toes tapping, they entertain you with skits often involving an audience member.  Some of these are just hilarious, and I have no idea how they keep a straight face while an audience member embarrasses themselves.  Their humor is aimed at families and the kids will laugh just as much as the adults.  The humor is simple, but downright hilarious.


Not so blue after seeing the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas - Pic 2


The chemistry they have on stage is amazing, and while they don’t talk, they make you feel like they are connected on a higher level.  Like blue men from space.

On a side note, if you get there early (around 6:15pm) you can watch a preview as some of the entertainers lead a free procession around the casino floor, giving you a feel for what you are about to experience.


Not so blue after seeing the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas - Pic 3


The Blue Man Group can be found at Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino and tickets range in price to suit all budget types.  We found the show to be highly entertaining and a great night out in Las Vegas.  It’s a show like nothing else you will ever see anywhere else.  It’s fun for the whole family and the cast does an impressive job of keeping you well entertained without muttering a word.


Have you seen the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas?  What did you think?