Everyone knows the tourist things to do in Brisbane, Australia. Climb the Story Bridge, visit a museum – how boring! If you really want to get to know Brisbane, there are more exciting things to try. Here are the top activities and sights you can enjoy a little way off the beaten track.



Cycling on Coochiemudlo Island

Firstly, this has to be one of the best names for an island, ever. Secondly, it’s an adventure that you will really enjoy. Take a ferry out to Moreton Bay and you will find this island ready and waiting for you. Hire a bike in the city to take with you, and hey presto – you’ll be ready to go the moment your feet touch the ground.


Cleveland Heritage Walk

If you’re feeling fit, the four-kilometre walk will be a great day out. You will stroll past plenty of buildings from the mid-19th century, and generally enjoy the scenery here in this part of the world. Finally, you will reach the end of the trail and your destination: the first licensed pub in Queensland, the Grand Hotel. Definitely worth the walk.



Visit Mount Glorious

This mountain lives up to its name, so it’s worth a visit anyway. But the beautiful forests here also hold another attraction. The Mount Glorious Restaurant and Café has seen many guests over the years, but perhaps the most high-profile were Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr, back when they were together. Take a lunch break there and imagine yourself as the rich and famous.


Go Skydiving

Yes, you can go skydiving over Brisbane! They will actually drop you out over Suttons Beach, which is one of the best in the city. You will fall 12,000 feet with your parachute for an unforgettable experience that absolutely everyone you know will envy. That’s if you have the bravery to do it!



Drink a Shake

The Southside Diner is well-known in the area, but more amongst locals than visitors. They are best recognised for their signature milkshakes, which encompass a range of exciting flavours. Try the root beer float or the salted caramel shake for a slice of Americana here in Australia.


Support the Arts

Head out to the BrisStyle Indie Markets to browse stalls which are run by artists and crafters who live in the local area. This is a great chance to pick up some choice pieces for yourself or for friends and family back home. Not only that, but you’ll be supporting the local art community.



Dive a Wreck

Or several of them, at the Tangalooma wrecks. These are just off Moreton Island and are now teeming with all kinds of aquatic life. This includes wobbegongs, kingfish yellowtail, trevally, and plenty more exciting sea creatures. This is all with a backdrop of one of the most beautiful islands in the world – what a place to be!


Enjoy Live Music

Visit in the month of August to hit the Valley Fiesta. For one weekend, it takes over the whole of Fortitude Valley, with live stages set up all over the precinct. Get a hotel right in the mix if you don’t want to miss a single moment of this epic concert spectacular.

Sure, you could climb Story Bridge. But wouldn’t you love to turn up your Brisbane experience to 11 with these options instead?


Image credit – Brisbane, Mount Glorious, Milk Shake & Wreck.

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