The Camden Markets were initially sold to me as the ‘best markets in London!’ – Yeah right!, I thought. I have been to markets all over the world and can confidently say I’m a market connoisseur. I’m a woman, I’m a shopper, I, like any one of my species, love a bargain and I’m on a travel budget so I guess that makes me a pretty good judge.


Camden Markets - Sign


Traditionally, the Camden Markets were a weekend only market, but with gaining popularity over the years the markets have now evolved to daily trading although if I were you, and you didn’t get too claustrophobic amongst crowds, I would highly recommend you consider visiting on Sundays. This is by far the best day to visit if it’s the ambiance you want to immerse yourself in and trust me, you will beautifully drown (in the best way possible) all the experiences you’re about to soak up.

While the Trading Hours are 9am-6pm, I would try and get there just before lunch as some stalls will still be setting up in the first couple of hours. This way you will get to feel the full blown buzz the markets have to offer.


Camden Markets - Food


The best tube station stop is Camden Town. As soon as you exit the station, you will be smack bang in the core of the action: the scent of incense burning, paella cooking and a whiff of the alternative lifestyles surrounding you will enrapture you within the first few seconds.

While some of the stalls offer the same products, souvenirs, smoking utensils etc, you will also notice the terrific quality of the merchandise. The prices are very affordable. The clothes are unique and creative, the cultural food being cooked around you is a culinary temptation that only the strong will survive. The arts and crafts are strangely inventive, leading edge and particularly ingenious.

Now to my favorite part: If you’re a meat and 3 veg kinda person, then this place may be information overload for you. Grab yourself a coffee with an outside table facing out toward life and observe radical whimsicality in full spectrum.


Camden Markets - Bridge


Arm yourself with a broadened mind and extended eye sockets as you are about to see genres of human beings never seen before. Sure you will see plenty of tourists, that’s a given in a popular place like the Camden Markets. It’s the locals however that will provide the kaleidoscope of colors for your visual feasting.

The people here embrace their originality and individuality. Although they don’t thrust it upon you, they merely say: ‘I am weird and I’m proud of it!’ We could all learn from the essence of these mold breaking sensational human beings.

Whether it’s for shopping, people watching or for taste bud sensations, the Camden Markets make for a great day out; a must see during your visit to London.

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