When you think of Amsterdam you think of canals. Well, if you are a young backpacker you might think of a couple of other things, but most of us think of the beautiful canals. There are 165 canals in this city, with a combined length of 100 km’s, or 60 miles. On top of that, there are 1200 bridges over these canals.

Last time we were here we took a hop on hop off canal tour, which we really enjoyed. This time however, we decided to try something a little different and we took a canal cruise in Amsterdam at night, which was an amazing way to see this city in a new light.


A Canal Cruise in Amsterdam


There are a few tour companies to choose from but we went with Canal Company as they had a lot of options to choose from. For the night cruises alone, there were five to pick from; Wine, Pizza, Dinner, Candlelight and Cocktail. I chose Cocktail! What could be better than a relaxing cruise, sipping on a colorful drink and nibbling on some nibbles? Not much.

The cruise started at 9pm, keeping in mind during summer the sun doesn’t set in Amsterdam until 10pm, and finished at 11pm. For two hours we drank, ate and admired how beautiful this city is at night.


  A Canal Cruise in Amsterdam - NIGHT


Because the cruise starts just before sunset, you get to experience the city during both day and at night. This was perfect because we could see all the wonderful boat houses and canal side buildings during light, then once the sun had set, you could see just how beautiful this city really is. To me, Amsterdam is at its best at night. The lights on the bridges over the canals and on the buildings along side them, added something extra to the already charismatic city.

The tour guide pointed out a few highlights and attractions along the way, but for the most part it was about relaxing and taking in the sights all around you. The bridges over the canals look stunning at night, with their lights sparkling on the water.


A Canal Cruise in Amsterdam - Food


The tour company supplied a plate of home made nibbles to go with the cocktails, which was great. Both food and beverages were a welcome treat.

We really enjoyed the cruise. It was a great way to experience Amsterdam at night, when she is at her prettiest.

Have you ever taken a canal cruise?