Cebu is the sparkling resort gem at the heart of the Philippine archipelago. This beautiful romantic tropical island is surrounded by an ocean studded with small islands where you can dive, snorkel or simply float in the warm azure waters. Cebu is perfect for that romantic getaway or a complete break from those grueling daily demands. Stretch out on the white sands by crystalline water and pamper yourself with a traditional Filipino massage in a world class spa. The Cebuanos are welcoming to visitors, making sure that you will enjoy your vacation in this relaxed, friendly part of the world. Like many before you this is unlikely to be your last visit.


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A popular choice for visitors to Cebu is a trip to Mactan Island, just off the coast of Cebu. Well known as a good venue for snorkeling and diving, the lovely Mactan Island is an excellent tourist attraction in the Philippines. However, its popularity doesn’t mean this scenic location should be overlooked on one’s list of places to visit. Like many tropical locations, the island has both a wet and dry season, but the weather is typically pleasant. In fact, temperatures here average between 75-90 degrees (24 – 32 degrees Celsius) throughout the course of the year.


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Once visitors have arrived they will find a wide variety of activities on Mactan Island to keep them busy. Guests will certainly enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water-related activities, but there is much more to see and do here. Catching a theater extravaganza at The Jungle Entertainment center, viewing the aquatic creatures at the Mactan Island Aquarium, or strolling through the park that contains both the Magellan Shrine and the Lapu-Lapu Statue are just a few of the many things to do while on Mactan Island.

When choosing accommodation for your visit, there are many options. However, if you are looking for high quality and great service, then look no further than Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu.


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This resort is a stylish mix of Mediterranean élan and Filipino flair. Mövenpick Hotel has an air of contemporary luxury. The clean design and decor echo the sun-bleached whites and aqua blues of the island’s beaches. As well as having a large, free-form swimming pool, Mövenpick Hotel has its own private beach. The resort offers a number of activities such as para-sailing and snorkeling.

The Resort has a jetty port right beside the hotel itself. From here you can take a cruise to explore the nearby islands with great beaches, snorkeling or diving. Hilutangan Island Marine Sanctuary is 45 minutes from Mactan aboard a picturesque banca which is the local motorized outboard canoe. Hilutangan is surrounded by coral reefs rich with populations of dazzling reef fish. Island hop from here to Nalusan and Pandanon Islands which make beautiful picnic/barbeque sites. Here you can swim beside stunning secluded white beaches and head to a small thatched shelter for an after-lunch siesta.


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For advanced divers, the sunken island of Malapascua is definitely worth a journey. Private transport to and from your resort can be organized through Malapascua Diving. The monad shoal on Malapascua is the hunting ground of the thresher shark which gather in the early morning at “cleaning stations” where they are groomed for the day by attentive schools of wrasse fish. Humans are not on the thresher menu, and they will swim close enough to almost flick you with their long, elegant tails.


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For shopping, Cebu City has two mega malls—Ayala and SM. Mini cities in themselves, both offer a mix of European brand stores, Filipino designers, and a vast array of food outlets including fine dining restaurants. Cebu City itself is known as the Queen City of the South and was the site of the first Spanish settlement.




For a glimpse of this past, visit the site of the first church, the Basilica of Saint Nino of Cebu, which was rebuilt in 1735. The Casa Gorodo Museum is a fascinating reminder of the 19th century lifestyles of Spanish merchants who made their home here. The house has been built of lustrous Filipino hardwoods, designed in the unique Spanish-Filipino style.

Before you leave Cebu, make sure to treat yourself to a special evening meal at one of the island’s top restaurants, Cowrie Cove. This seafood restaurant is set with an open veranda high up above the ocean and under the stars of a tropical night sky. Just the place to create a special memory until you return again.


Whether your visit to Cebu is for relaxation, water activities, or a bout of shopping, a visit to this beautiful Filipino island is one you will cherish always.