Chocolate is my drug of choice. It’s an addiction I have had since I was a child and one I do not want to be cured. There is nothing like that moment, a few seconds after the first bite, you realize you have just bitten off a piece of heaven. As the silky smooth chocolate starts to melt in your mouth, you know you wont be able to stop at just one bite. Excuse me while I wipe the drool away so I can continue…

Switzerland is of course known for its beautiful chocolate. We had recently experience the famous Belgian chocolates and were very impressed, so would Switzerland be able to stand up to that? Of course! Swiss chocolate is creamy, smooth and delicious! I used to be given Swiss chocolate for birthdays and Christmas – Now, standing before me is a large tub of melted chocolate inviting me to take a dip.


Chocolate Heaven at Interlaken - Welcome


Of course I don’t take a dip (that would be wrong… wouldn’t it??) but I can’t take my eyes off all the chocolate goodness that surrounds me. We have just walked in to what looks like Chocolate Heaven. This is where I want to go when I die. However, it is not heaven, but the room where they make the heavenly treats. We are here for a look into making chocolate.

Our chocolate master is behind the counter talking to us about this history of Swiss chocolate. However, I do not hear much of it; I have spotted the samples and I know what’s about to come. I try to focus on his words because I don’t want to be rude, but he really shouldn’t have so much chocolate in this room if he wanted my full attention!


Chocolate Heaven at Interlaken - Teacher


Hurrah! He’s handing out the samples. Oh sweet heaven, come to momma! I want this moment to last so I do not greedily take it into my mouth as much as I want to, but slowly take in the flavors of each piece, noting the texture and different essence of each one. The result – Swiss chocolate is heavenly.

The ‘Chocolate Show’ is held at the Grand Café Restaurant Schuh. It runs for approximately 30 minutes and costs $15 CFH, but with that, you get $8 credit to spend on chocolate as well as a heap of free samples! The show is held at 5pm every day.


Chocolate Heaven at Interlaken - Chocolate


Whether you are chocolate obsessed like me, or just have a healthy appreciation for great chocolate, this is a fun thing to do during your visit to Interlaken. The café is in a great location right in the middle of town so it’s easily accessible. Perhaps have a meal here too, although maybe not after you have filled your belly with chocolate goodness.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit


Have you tried Swiss chocolate? Thoughts?