One of the very, very best things about traveling to Switzerland is that it’s the home of some of the best chocolate in the world. In my book, that’s motivation enough to visit! In all the cities, towns, and villages of Switzerland there are little stores making and selling all kinds of delicious chocolate creations, in the signature Swiss way. You could spend an entire trip around Switzerland diving right into the world of all things chocolate, from learning about how experts make their iconic treats, to trying all kinds of varieties – which is probably the best part of it all!


Chocolate Heaven at Interlaken - Chocolate


As a quick history lesson, chocolate started to be produced in Switzerland back in the 17th century, and for a couple of hundred years the factories and places where it was made were few and far between. Chocolate production didn’t become much of an international thing in Switzerland until the 19th century and early 20th century. And when they started to make it a national, and eventually and international, success, boy did they go all out. Names like Nestlé and Lindt were being founded in Switzerland, now known for some of the best chocolate in the world.

Some of the Swiss companies that were founded at this time are even under the name of Kraft today. Milk chocolate is the kind that is most commonly associated with Switzerland, and it’s definitely something that they manage to master to delicious proportions. There is a reason Switzerland consumes the most chocolate out of any country in the world!


Chocolate in Switzerland - Chocolate Shoes


One of the best ways that we got involved in the chocolate scene of Switzerland was seeing a Chocolate Show at the Grand Café Restaurant Schuh in the Swiss town of Interlaken. These performances show you the incredible art of making chocolate, how it’s done in the Swiss way, and of course you get to sample some of the delicious produce while you’re there.

Schuh have been making chocolate since 1818, so if there’s anywhere in Interlaken to see the process of making some of the tastiest chocolate on the planet, it’s here. The show goes on every day at 5pm, and costs around $15.  You get your money back easily with the free samples!


Chocolate in Switzerland - Chocolate


During a visit to Switzerland, make sure you spend at least a couple of hours hunting down the nearest accessible source of Swiss chocolate, and indulge in as many yummy bites of it as you can handle. Pay a visit to some independent chocolatiers, and also the more famous factories, such as the Lindt factory in Zurich, to see all the different sides of making (and eating!) chocolate in Switzerland.


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