Well, you’re on our site, so you probably know that we’ve been traveling the world for over 6 years now. We’ve now visited 45 countries in all and have no plans for it to stop anytime soon. As I write this we are currently renting a 3 story house overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in the south of Spain. Life is good… No, it’s great! It’s also a life we could never imagine living when we left Australia 6 years ago.


Love is in the air


When we flew out of Australia back in 2012, we had done so on the back of our saving. We had spent years saving money and now we were going to enjoy it. But we knew we only had so much money in the bank. It wasn’t going to last forever, so we started as budget travelers. We were only going to be able to travel for as long as the money lasted, so we had to make sure it lasted. And while it was pretty awesome, it wasn’t us. We liked luxury in our lives. We like 5 star hotels. We liked eating at nice restaurants. If we wanted to see something, we didn’t want to have to think to ourselves “Can we afford it?”. That’s never been us.

So, how do you fix that? Well… we needed to earn money while we were traveling, so we could enjoy the lifestyle we wanted. And because we were on the move so much, it made it difficult. We couldn’t work where we were living, as that would have been illegal (nor did we want to). The only way around it was that we had to find a way to make money online. To do that, all we needed was a laptop and wifi. So, over the last 6 years we’ve tried several different business online models. We were trying to find one that made us good money so we could enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, let us have flexible working hours so we could actually enjoy our travel, and be easy enough for us to start without qualifications (as we didn’t have any!).



Out of all the business models we tried, 4 actually made us a good income on flexible hours and didn’t need any qualifications to start up. All it took was having a laptop and wifi. Not bad. While many people think it’s a scam to make money online, there are actually ways to do it. We know, because we did it. Here we are 6 years later. We didn’t win the lottery. We pay for everything we earned working part-time hours.

So, let us show you these 4 online business models. We’ve done all the hard work by filtering out all the ones that don’t work. From there, you can make a decision if one of them is right for you. Just click here to watch our FREE video. It really is worth the time invested. It costs you nothing. And if it works out, maybe you’ll be writing a blog post about having traveled the world for 6 straight years with just a laptop and wifi!