Munich is a city with a rich and varied food scene, and is stocked full of great restaurants and cafes to grab a delicious bite. Here you can try authentic German dishes or other cuisine from around the world; any kind of taste will definitely be met in Munich. Here are our tasty recommendations for every meal (yes, dessert is a full meal – you didn’t know that?!):


Dining in Munich Germany - Breakfast



Preysinggarten has been a local favorite for breakfast for a long while, and here you can get some hearty breakfast to fill even the most ravenous of stomachs. From omelets filled with the most delicious of goodies, to bacon and yummy cuts of ham, served with fried eggs and plenty of green salad. It’s the perfect place for foreigners as many of the members of staff speak English and there is an English menu.

Having said that, it’s popular amongst the locals living in the area, and you won’t find it completely packed full of tourists. The best of both worlds! Great food, reasonable prices, and they even serve brunch if you don’t feel like getting out of bed at the crack of dawn for breakfast. If you’re a seriously late sleeper, the lunches and dinners are still hailed as excellent.


Dining in Munich Germany - Lunch



There are, of course, so many great places where you can grab lunch in Munich, and a walk through the central areas will provide you with plenty of options. However, one recommendation would be to check out Belicious Burgers, which is a place that is said to serve the best burgers in Munich, full stop. This is also a good spot for dinner of course, but they sometimes serve up 10 euro lunch specials that will satisfy the short on cash but large on appetite amongst us. You also have the option of customizing your burger with all kinds of things, from seven different kinds of cheeses to guacamole or jalapenos. Burger lovers – this is one seriously good reason to fly to Munich immediately.


Dining in Munich Germany - Dinner



Restaurant Kleines Max in Munich is a place that we personally really enjoyed for dinner. This luxurious restaurant in the Maximilian Apartments & Hotel is the perfect place to indulge is some fresh, decadent food, and if the quality wasn’t enough to draw you in then the prices will be for sure – main dishes are only around 15 to 20 euros, which for luxury like this isn’t all that bad at all. The friendly staff and warm atmosphere all add to the feeling this place is creating, which is relaxed, inviting, and the perfect place to spend an evening.


Dining in Munich Germany - Dessert



You really are spoilt for choice in Munich when it comes to places to get dessert. Germany is famous for its bakeries, so there are plenty of little spots where you can indulge in a sweet bite. However, if you’re not in the mood for some baked goodness, head to Der Verruckte Eismacher for some of the best ice cream in town. You can stick with the classic favorite (their pistachio is supposedly fantastic) or try the weird and wonderful flavors such as beer or sausages. Yes, those do exist!


Do you have any other yummy suggestions?