After having such a great time with on our walking eating tour in Rome we jumped at the chance to try another one in London.  One doesn’t normally link England and good food together, like you do with Italy for example, but the Eating London Food Tour was about to prove me wrong.


Discovering English Cuisine with Eating London Food Tour - Fish and Chips


The tour involves visiting several locations in the East End area of London and enjoying the best food they have to offer.  First of all, the location they have chosen in London for the tour to take place is great.  It’s not right in the center of London, it’s outside of the city center in an area known as the East End.  Why is this great?  Because it let’s you experience a different part of London that you probably would have bypassed.  If you are visiting London, you would have already seen all the sites in the West End, South Bank, City of London and such.  Here’s a great opportunity to not only enjoy an incredible feast, but discover a whole new side of London.  The area has enjoyed a resurgence in the last several years and is now known as a ‘trendy hipster’ area, with a lot of artists living here.


Discovering English Cuisine with Eating London Food Tour - Banana Bread Pudding


Those of you who are not familiar with a walking food tour, basically you walk from one food location to the next.  During these walks you will learn about the area from a very knowledgeable guide.  The walks in between the food allows you not only to learn about the area, but digest each slice of heaven!  They have mastered the timing between the sit down meals as you never feel too full.  Though you better make sure you turn up with an empty stomach!

Another great factor to this tour is you don’t just get a random Londoner guiding you, you get someone who has lived in the actual area you are visiting for years (they even point out their house as they walk past!).  They have sampled all the restaurants in the area and then hand picked the ones you get to eat at.  They also love restaurants that have a lot of history and tradition.


Discovering English Cuisine with Eating London Food Tour - Pub


Now let’s talk about the food!  Like I mentioned before, you don’t usually associate England with great food, but I’m happy to say that every single meal we had was amazing.  It’s great to see the restaurants hand picked for the tour all take incredible care with what they serve up.  Some of the locations had queues out the door.  Now that is always a great sign!  You will be pleased to know that none of the locations serve your ‘run of the mill’ food dished up by a lot of restaurants, but each prepares the meal with exquisite execution.  While eating you get to learn about the cooking and preparation processes that makes the meal so fantastic.  A number of the restaurants are mentioned in all those lists of “Top 10 restaurants in London”, and you can see why.


Discovering English Cuisine with Eating London Food Tour - Cheeses


The eight food stops you will get to enjoy:

  • Fish and chips – as good as any we have ever had in the world
  • Banana Bread Pudding
  • A corn-beef bagel – the bagel is made the old fashion way (boiling it in water)
  • A sampling of beer/cider – both made using the old Truman recipe
  • 3 different hand made cheese
  • A selection of curries from Brick Lanes – from a mild vegetarian meal to a spicier lamb serving
  • Bacon sandwich – the bacon is prepared different to your off the shelf bacon giving it an incredible flavor
  • Salted caramel desert with tea for desert

Yes, you will be very full once you have finished this walking food tour.


Discovering English Cuisine with Eating London Food Tour - Bagal


We couldn’t recommend this tour any more.  It was an incredible experience were you will get to learn about an area of London you may not be familiar with from a very friendly and knowledgeable guide.  And most importantly, the food is top shelf.  We enjoyed the food so much that there is no doubt we will be visiting a couple of the restaurants again before we leave London.


What is your favorite English food? Have you tried a walking food tour in London or anywhere else?