Tucked away on the coast of southern Italy, the little gem that is Sorrento is a picture-perfect place to visit. As well as its stunning beauty, it’s a great place to sample some fantastic Italian cuisine, especially if you want to try any seafood based dishes. We spent a little bit of time here during our recent Europe Road Trip and it was amazing. We ate some of the best food during our stay in Sorrento, including at the hotel we stayed in, Grand Hotel President. Here’s our rundown of  where to eat in Sorrento.


Where to Eat in Sorrento Italy - Bar Rita



There’s nothing more European than heading to a bakery and simply grabbing a bunch of pastries for your breakfast, and one of the best places to do this in Sorrento is at Bar Rita. This little shop is actually a great place for grabbing pizza at lunch as well, but they specialize is being a thriving patisserie, and there are almost too many options to choose from in the morning for a tasty breakfast. Bar Rita is full of locals and tourists alike, proving that it’s definitely worth a visit for a thoroughly indulgent, European breakfast.


Where to Eat in Sorrento Italy - Pizza



There are, of course, so many places in Sorrento where you can grab a quick slice of pizza to keep you going during a busy day of sightseeing, but if you’d rather spend a little more time taking a leisurely lunch, you have just as many options for that as well. Why not team up your lunch with a little bit of people watching and eat in Sorrento’s main square at Fauno Bar. Here you’ll find plenty of typical Italian dishes, and if you’re lucky you get a host of freebies whilst you eat, like bread and olives with your meal, pastries with coffee, and limoncello with the cheque. Sit back and enjoy some delicious Italian food whilst you watch the people of Sorrento go about their daily business.


Where to Eat in Sorrento Italy - Ristorante Bagni Delfino



Once again you are blessed with choices of where to have dinner in Sorrento, but what sets the best apart from the others are the views the ocean-side restaurants have. Ristorante Bagni Delfino is an extremely popular spot for this very reason, the atmosphere is unbeatable with the stunning views of the ocean and the romantic atmosphere. Here you are greeted by the owners and treated like family. Make sure you request a table next to the harbor front, and from there you will also be able to catch views of Mount Vesuvius off into the distance as well. The fish, of course, is the highlight of the menu as it is so fresh, but you can be rest assured that anything else available here will be tasty, and affordable at that.


Where to Eat in Sorrento Italy - Gelateria Zini



Even though many restaurants will have a great selection of desserts, there really is nothing quite like going to a place that specializes in it. This is especially true in Italy because the best local dessert is gelato and you’re never too far away from a gelateria, a shop that specializes in this delicious treat. Gelateria Zini has been voted the best in Sorrento many times, not only for the incredible ice cream that they make but also for the friendly service. Try a few samples of their delectable flavors before you commit to anything, and that way you can create your very own heavenly ice cream combination.


Do you have any recommendations for where to eat in Sorrento?