As you may have read in our post about food in Austria and Vienna, we think that the cuisine here is seriously underrated. With influences from all the surrounding countries such as Germany, Hungary, and Italy, there is a rich plethora of food just waiting to be devoured. Nothing could be better than dining on food cooked by the locals, in true authentic style, so here are our picks for the best places to experience delicious Viennese food in the city.


Café Sperl Vienna



Nothing beats a fantastic breakfast to set you off on a great day. Café Sperl has been a popular choice for breakfast for decades, and the quaint setting and traditional menu of soft rolls and Austrian coffee will please every kind of customer. In the warmer months, the café sets up little tables and umbrellas on their patio, so you can enjoy a traditional Austrian breakfast in the sun.

If you want to go for something a little more luxurious and upmarket, check out the Michelin-starred Meierei im Stadtpark, set in an absolutely stunning and lavish building. This is the kind of place where they add a side of goose liver to your bog standard poached eggs on bread. I think that says more than enough about how luxurious this place is!


Viennese Tarte



Drei Husaren is located right in the city center, and it a very popular restaurant to go to for lunch as a break from shopping or sightseeing. It’s one of the oldest restaurants in Vienna and serves up delicious Austro-Hungarian dishes, making it a great place to the try this classic kind of cuisine. The setting is very grand and traditional, and some evenings you will be greeted by the tinkling of a pianist. If you’re in the mood for authentic food from the area, this is definitely the place to go for lunch.


Austrian Cuisine - Schnitzel



Palais Hansen Kempinski Hotel is one of the finest establishments in Vienna, and this is not only reflected in its incredible décor and atmosphere, but it is also shown in the quality of their food. There are several dining options you can choose from at Kempinski and Die Küche is one of those options.  The Die Küche dinner menu is packed full of delicious options, from traditional Wiener Schnitzel, Austria’s national dish, to decadent fish dishes, exquisite starters, and a whole patisserie bar to choose from for dessert. Dining at Kempinksi is an event in itself, with the quality of the food being of the highest standard and the service just as good.  We had a wonderful meal during our stay here, one which we will remember for a long time.


Apple Strudel



If the restaurant you’re eating dinner at just isn’t cutting for dessert (even though we assure you that the Kempinski Hotel has plenty on offer that’s delicious!) then you have to try the desserts at Café Demel. From the most charming of little chocolates and pastries, to the most over the top cakes you may ever see, this place as it all. You could even just head there in the afternoon to treat yourself to a little sweet bite, or just wander through the store and look at all the beautiful deliciousness.

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