Well known as a good venue for snorkeling and diving, the lovely Mactan Island is an excellent tourist attraction in the Philippines. However, its popularity doesn’t mean this scenic location should be overlooked on one’s list of places to visit. Like many tropical locations, the island has both a wet and dry season, but the weather is typically pleasant. In fact, temperatures here average between 75-90 degrees throughout the course of the year.


The Magic of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu - Beach


Once visitors have arrived, either by plane from the nearby Mactan-Cebu International Airport or by boat from nearby islands such as Cebu, they will find a wide variety of activities on Mactan Island to keep them busy. Guests will certainly enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, and other water-related activities, but there is much more to see and do here. Catching a theater extravaganza at The Jungle Entertainment Center or strolling through the park that contains both the Magellan Shrine and the Lapu Lapu Statue are just a couple of the many things to do while on Mactan Island.


The Magic of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu - Bed


When choosing accommodation for your visit, there are many options; however, if you are looking for high quality and great service, then look no further than Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu.

At this wonderful location, the rooms are clean and very spacious. Guests often remark about how beautiful their quarters are and will find complimentary shower kits included within. The free Wi-Fi found in all the rooms facilitates easy internet use. Charging of phones and other electronic devices is also a breeze due to the plentiful wall sockets in each room.


The Magic of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu - Bath


Some of the bedrooms have ocean views and balconies as well, so visitors should be sure to request their preference when making reservations. Room service is certainly on offer and affordable, and what better way to spend an evening than eating a meal on your balcony and watching the boats sail past?


The Magic of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu - Beach and Hotel


Decorated in tranquil green and blue hues, all areas of this hotel are kept exceptionally clean, and visitors often comment about the lovely ambiance here. The lobby is both cheerful and spacious. Furniture throughout the hotel is very comfortable and modern in design. Plenty of sunbathing areas are available for guests to utilize, including the swimming pool area. Towels are provided for those guests who choose to go swimming.


The Magic of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu - Spa


Spa Delmar offers luxurious treatments for those who like a little pamper on their vacation.  Choose from beautiful body treatments, massages or facials.  If you prefer, massages can also be performed outside with a view of the azure ocean waters.  The spa has a lovely relaxing vibe and the therapists do a wonderful job relaxing you to your core.


The Magic of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu - Gym


This hotel is known for their very friendly, smiling staff. Guests will be made to feel right at home. The accommodating staff strives hard to meet any requests and facilitate a pleasant stay for their customers. Whether it is replacing a lost toothbrush or a missing bottle of contact solution, those that work here are happy to help travelers with any problems that arise. Not only that, but this hotel’s staff goes above and beyond to get to know their customers and greet them by name as they pass through the building (amazing considering how many rooms there are in the hotel). The multilingual desk clerks will no doubt prove helpful for guests visiting from other countries.  The hotel also has a fully stocked gym just for hotel guests.


The Magic of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu - Resturant


The food served at the hotel’s Club Ibiza is of excellent quality, and the service is beyond compare.  We had the most wonderful dining experience during our visit which included a feast of nine types of meat.  The chef himself brings out each meat serving to your table personally, ensuring that the dish is cooked to your liking.  If you are still hungry after the 1st serving of nine meats, the chef will continue to bring you more until you can’t fit any more in.  The bar is well stocked and serves the most delicious cocktails, and some nights there are shows for patrons to enjoy.


The Magic of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu - Breakfast


The Sails restaurant inside the hotel is also highly recommended. Those who choose to partake of the breakfast buffet will find themselves pleasantly surprised by the amount of healthy options available, such as fresh fruit. In a less healthy but equally delicious perk, free ice cream and chocolate, which Mövenpick are famous for, are provided at various times for guests to enjoy.


The Magic of Mövenpick Mactan Island Cebu - Pool


Conveniently located only 10 minutes away from the nearby airport, the hotel is also about a 30-minute ride from the nearby shopping district. A very short walk from the Mövenpick Hotel will bring patrons to a private beach, which is reserved for their usage. You will often find only a handful of people on the beach as you swim in the crystal clear water.

The Mactan Shrine is also only 900 meters away from the building. This hotel is also about 19 kilometers away from the Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Magellan’s Cross, and the Cebu Cathedral. Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is the perfect place to rest your head during your vacation to Cebu. This slice of heaven will be hard to leave.