Sometimes winter really does feel rather bleak and miserable, doesn’t it? I am definitely a summer kind of girl, I much prefer the sun, and not having to wear three layers to leave the house, however winter has to come and we must endure.

Or do we?

Winter may be cold and dark, but in some parts of the world our winter is certainly not in the slightest bit cold for them, as they’re enjoying the warmth of summer, or at least temperatures a considerable amount higher than ours!


  Escape the Winter, Head to the Sun - THONGS WITH BEACH VIEW


Winter holidays are a great way to beat the darkness and you can grab bargains if you look hard enough. On top of this, you can easily add extras onto your plans to not only save money, but lower stress levels too.

Whilst some resorts may be a little harder to get to during winter, such as places that are typically summer resorts, there are some destinations in the world which are geared up for holidays during our winter months, and it’s just as easy to reach them as it would be during summer. Take Spain for example; a Canary Islands holiday is a fantastic winter getaway, with mild temperatures all year around, or maybe The Gambia for something a little different.

The pros and cons of a winter holiday really are insignificant, because the bottom line here is a bit of summer in the midst of winter. No-brainer really.


Escape the Winter, Head to the Sun - Barbados Carribean - Beach Man on Rocks


Shopping for a winter holiday may be a tad bit more difficult however, as trying to find a bikini in bright colors during November, December and January is quite difficult, trust me, I’ve tried! A good way to get around this is to buy in advance, such as in the late summer sales, if you know you’re planning to head somewhere out of our typical summer season.

So where will you go this winter?  The Canary Islands perhaps?  Or maybe the Caribbean?  Or what about heading to the Southern Hemisphere?

Wherever you end up, no doubt you will create memories that will last until next winter, then you can do it all over again!



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