Michael and I live a life of constant change.   We “pencil” in ideas of where we want to go to next, but those ideas can quickly change if something else tickles our fancy.   So it has been difficult for us to share our upcoming plans with our readers because those plans could very well change at a moments notice.

But our upcoming Europe plans are ones we are sticking with so we thought we’d not only share those plans but also ask for your advice!

We will not be housesitting during this part of our travels.  We are going to be road tripping!  We had such a great time on our US Road Trip (and a short Road Trip in Costa Rica) we thought let’s give it another go, this time in Europe.  The difference is though, our accommodation will be separate to our living quarters i.e. we wont be sleeping in the back of a van this time.  This road trip will be a little more civilized and we will be staying in hotels as we go.


Euro Road Trip - GRACIE 600px

While we loved Gracie from our USA Road Trip, this time we are going to use hotels for a place to lay our head every night.


Our Euro Road Trip (which we need a snazzy name for, any ideas?) will also see the introduction of video to Suitcase Stories!  We are so excited to bring you something new and fresh to the blog.  We will be sharing the highlights of our trip via short videos.  We can’t wait to share our trip with you in a new dimension!  Plus you get to hear our voices.  I hope you are ready for some authentic Aussie accents.

The plans are still loose as far as our route and where we will stop, but this is where you guys come in.  We would love to hear where you think we should stop and what we should see.  Many of you have seen a lot of Europe so we are counting on your expertise!  Here is a map of our loose plans.  What are we missing?  Where should we change the route to cover a ‘must see’?  As you can see in the below map we are focusing on the Eastern side of Europe.  This is because we have already been to Spain and France, so we wanted to see the rest of the Continent.


Euro Road Trip - europetripq

The Euro Road Trip plans so far


We have 6 weeks to get from Amsterdam, Netherlands to Venice, Italy.  Once we get to Venice we are taking a 1 week cruise around the Greek Islands.  Then, we have 7 days of ‘free time’ before we need to fly to London.  We are currently thinking about driving along the Croatia coast, but are open to ideas.  So while we are flexible with where we go, the dates are set as we need to be in London around the 21st of September.

So let us know everything you’ve got on these places via the comments below or email.  Tell us what to see, what to do, what to avoid and so forth.  Let us know any country we might have problems with driving in (if you know) and any roads with incredible views.  We want to make it memorable, so any tips from you will help us achieve the road trip we want!

I know there are a lot of wonderful countries we haven’t included on the map; either because we don’t know they’re wonderful (please tell us and we will try to fit it in) or because of the limited amount of time we have.  But never fear, if Euro Road Trip (new name pending) Part 1 goes well, there will be a Part 2.