Fiji will always hold a special place in my heart; It was our first overseas trip together (and for me, my first overseas trip at all, a long time before we started our long term travel).

And how lucky was I to start my travel life with such a stunning destination.

I will always remember the Fijians as the friendliest people I have encountered.  You cannot pass a local, whether it be on the street or at your hotel, without them giving you the biggest and best smile and saying “Bula!” (hello).

Fiji is known for beautiful white sand beaches, some of the clearest diving water, warm weather and that relaxed island ambiance.  And relax is pretty much all we did!




There are about 330 islands of Fiji but only around 100 of them are inhabited.  We stayed on the main island of Viti Levu on the coral coast.  But there are many other options.  Some of the smaller islands are most definitely worth a visit and have great resorts with all inclusive food and activities packages.

What I remember most about my time in Fiji is the daily massages I had. Picture this: Massage table on the beach at the waters edge; the sound of the waves gently crashing onto the shore; the rustle of palm trees in the soft breeze; the soft oiled touch of a Fijian masseuse gently easing away all your troubles… Yes, I could certainly go back for more of that!

We stayed at a resort that consisted of individual huts that lined the beach.  From our door we were just a few yards from the waters edge and surrounded by coconut trees, colorful birds and an endless blue sky.


Fiji Sunset


I would love to go back and experience some of the smaller islands as apparently they are even better than Viti Levu, which seems hard to believe!


Sigatoka Tour

On this tour we were taken to the home of a village chief and took part in a traditional ceremony.  We heard stories about the ancient practices of witch craft and local folklore.  It was truly fascinating. We were then taken to an amazing waterfall and lagoon for a dip.  Great tour which I highly recommend.


Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

What a beautiful sub-tropical rainforest.  Follow the various tracks which lead to waterfalls.  The greenery is lush and vibrant but be careful, in wet weather it can get quite slippery.  We saw so many beautiful birds here and swimming near the waterfalls was amazing.


Fiji - An Island Paradise


Kula Eco Park

This is an award winning (winning multiple awards) wildlife park and you can see why.  As you stroll through the park you will cross many bridges that span over the sparking waters and you will encounter wildlife such as birds, iguanas and honey eaters.  A beautiful and peaceful way to spend the day.


Have you been to Fiji?  What island would you recommend we try next time we go?