During our travels we have seen some amazing things.  As you know we are big fans of nature, particular the animal type.  We love them so much we have put together two photo essays about them (Photo Essay 1 and Photo Essay 2) and before long will probably churn out some more.

But when talking about nature often the plant variety gets missed out.  No it doesn’t swing through trees or have a cute smiley face (like a sloth), but it is still mighty impressive.  These plants need to multiply in order to survive, so each plant needs to ‘put on a show’ to lure bees, birds and the like so it can spread it’s pollen.  One of the ways it does this is by producing the best looking and most colorful flowers to attract them.  And that is where we get to see the show!

There are just so many different varieties of flower to see.  It is amazing to travel to so many different locations and see how nature has developed differently. I mean, there are over 20,000 different species of orchid alone (and Nicole tells me they are all beautiful).

And let’s face it, the flowers do smell a lot better than some of those animals!  Enjoy our Flowers of the World Photo Essay.


Flowers of the World Photo Essay - Orchid

A beautiful orchid


Flowers of the World Photo Essay - Hibiscus

A red Hibiscus – One of Nicole’s favorite and fortunate for us very common in tropical areas we like to visit


Flowers of the World Photo Essay - Orchid

A photo of an Orchid taken shortly after the rain


Flowers of the World Photo Essay - Angels Trumpet Flower

Orange Angel’s Trumpet Flowers hang from overhead


Flowers of the World Photo Essay - Rose

A Rose by any other name…


Flower Photo Essay - Orchid

Another Orchid! How can we not have a lot of photos of this beautiful species.


Flower Photo Essay - Tricolor

Heliconia orthotricha ‘Tricolor’ – These are almost like an extension to the plant, rather than a flower


CR red plant 3

Another Costa Rican flower, the Pink Ginger


Flowers of the World Photo Essay - CR Yellow flower

Costa Rica shows off a yellow flower against a clear blue sky


Flowers of the World Photo Essay - White Lily

A white lily amongst the green of the jungle


Flower Photo Essay - Orange Flower

Orange flowers with the backdrop of the Caribbean Ocean


Flower Photo Essay - Bursting to Life

A flower bursting to life


Flower Photo Essay - Flower left overs

The left overs of a flower that use to be covered with tiny black berries


Flower Photo Essay - CR red plant

The yellow flowers begin sprouting. Within days the yellow flowers will all of have bloomed and be covered with bees and hummingbirds.



A pink flower extends from the green canopy.


  What are your favorite flowers?