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Eating in Toronto

With all the expats and multicultural vibes flying around Toronto, it’s not surprising that there are so many great places to eat in the city. The citizens of this big city are crazy about their food, from super healthy new wave cuisine to good old fashioned hearty grease goodness. For anyone staying in a hotel in Toronto or simply passing through it can be difficult to find great places for eating in Toronto when they’re spread all over the city, so here’s our top ten food places in Toronto for you to try out, all reasonably priced and full of great flavor.


Khao San Road

This perpetually packed Thai restaurant doesn’t take any reservations so if you decide to take a visit be prepared to wait for a table. There’s a reason why it’s so busy though; they serve up some of the best Thai food in town so its reputation is definitely worth hanging around for. The Gra Bong squash fritters are crispy and delicious, and the Khao Soi coconut red curry in hailed as the best main on the menu.


Eating in Toronto - Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - Padthai



This popular breakfast, lunch and dinner delicatessen claims to have the ‘best smoked meat in town’, and judging by the hordes of people flocking to Caplansky’s the rumours must be true. They’re famous for their hot deli sandwiches, which are perfect for a dripping with goodness bite on-the-go, but they also serve up any other kind of meat, including liver. Vegetarians – good luck with this one.


Eating in Toronto - Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - caplansky


Grand Electric

Another hip joint that doesn’t take reservations but rarely needs to because people are queuing out the door to get in. They name themselves a taco and bourbon bar, which all come at a very reasonable price. Each individual taco is $3 and they serve fish, chicken, pork, beef and veggie variations. Four tacos plus drinks should fill you up nicely on about $20.


Eating in Toronto - Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - Grand Electric



If you’re in the mood for Italian food served to perfection, head to Gusto. This place does very well with young professionals popping in for a working lunch as it has two patios that are drenched in sunshine all summer long. If you’re on a tight budget then it might not be the best place for you, but if you have a little bit of money to burn on mains that cost $15-$20, this is a recommended spot and the standard of the food makes it worth the price.


  Eating in Toronto - Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - gusto


Tone Sushi

There are sushi places littered all over Toronto, but if you’re looking for affordable yet high quality dishes the Tone is a good recommendation from locals. They serve up lunch and dinner in cosy and clean surroundings, where you can pick a bunch of your favorite things or select one of their combos with a mix of pieces for around $10-$15 in total.


Eating in Toronto - Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - Tone Sushi


The Burger’s Priest

Many burger lovers in Toronto will settle for no other joint than The Burger’s Priest. They serve classic combinations with big fat beef patties, but make sure you also check out ‘the secret menu’ on their website, which isn’t posted anywhere in their restaurant. The selection of burgers on this menu come with additions such as deep fried jalapenos, grilled cheese buns, or you can even opt for a veggie option with bacon (because yeah, that makes sense).


  Eating in Toronto - Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - The Burger’s Priest


Black Hoof

The Black Hoof continues to get great reviews over and over again for its gastropub food, and their charcuterie board is always mentioned as being amongst the tastiest things on the menu. A few words about dessert – banana bread slathered in Nutella with a healthy dollop of foie gras to finish. Decadence to its very extreme.


Eating in Toronto - Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - Black Hoof


Fat Bastard Burrito

There are a whole bunch of Mexican places in Toronto where you can grab a burrito, but Fat Bastard is considered by many to have some of the best in town. At around $6 for a small burrito that will fill a grown man up to his eyeballs you can’t really deny the excellent value, great for busy budget travelers who need a lot of energy.


Eating in Toronto - Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - Fat Bastard Burrito



As probably the most expensive place on this list, Ursa isn’t for the tight-pursed traveler. However, if it’s a special occasion and you have around $30 to spend on a main course, Ursa’s upmarket menu might be the perfect spot to go. Georgian bat trout, wild boar, foraged spring salad and champagne poached peaches are amongst the quality selection which is worth every penny.


Eating in Toronto - Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - Ursa


Food Trucks

A list of places to eat at in Toronto wouldn’t be complete without a shout out for the food trucks. These mobile masterpieces serve some of the great food in the city, from smoke houses that serve fresh pulled pork and brisket or two pound portions of poutine, to bakery trucks selling all kinds of cupcakes and sweet treats. Check out the food trucks website for options and locations.


Top 10 Food Places in Toronto - Food Trucks


What’s your favorite place for Eating in Toronto?



  1. Yum! All of these restaurants sound amazing! We were only in Toronto for a day, but sadly missed all of these. I think Khao San Road would be my first stop!
    Jenna recently posted…Wish List DestinationsMy Profile

    • Michael
      Michael Wright /

      You’ll need to spend more time there next time as Toronto is a great city. We had an incredible time there. I’m not sure if I’ve been in a cleaner city.
      Michael Wright recently posted…Best of Spain Photo EssayMy Profile

  2. Wow, great pictures! It all looks amazing! I guess we have to visit Toronto again…
    Irene recently posted…A Tourist in Our Own Country: Innsbruck, Part 3My Profile

  3. Could have used this list last summer! My boyfriend is from the GTA but hasn’t lived there in years. When we visited last year his restaurant knowledge was a little out of date. I’ll be sure to pass this post along for when he returns home in two weeks. I know he’ll be interested in checking out that burrito place!
    Jill recently posted…One week.My Profile

  4. Matthew Rinkerman /

    Glad to see your Deli Pick Great stuff.

  5. These pictures are making me hungry! I have a massive craving for phad Thai!
    Kirsty recently posted…Random Traveller #91 with Agness & Cez of eTrampingMy Profile

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