Credited to be one of the cleanest cities in Malaysia, Ipoh is a mixed bag of experiences. Of course there are its Victorian structures and bylanes that boast of some of the most savoury food choices, however, Ipoh goes one up when it comes to natural attractions. Temples nestled in limestone caves exude zen-like no other place you’ve ever ventured. That’s not all, there are some beautiful ruins, of castles mostly, that bestow you with a ceaseless charm. Not that any of these attractions come at a very high price, but the free things to do in Ipoh just elevate Ipoh’s appeal further. Intrigued? Here’s a list of the best things to do in Ipoh!



Seek some tranquility at the Sam Poh Tong

There are many temples in Ipoh that are set in limestone caves, but the Sam Poh Tong deserves a special mention for being considered Malaysia’s biggest cave temple. To reach here and behold scenic views of Ipoh, you are required to climb a good two hundred and forty-six steps!


Get enlightened by the history of the Chinese at the Han Chin Pet Soo History Museum

Ipoh’s rich history and association with the Chinese can be observed all over the city. However, it is the free-entry Han Chin Pet Soo History Museum where you are offered an unparalleled insight!


Get chuffed by the street art at Ipoh’s Old Town

Ipoh’s streets are one of those privileged places that don the works of the iconic multidiscipline contemporary and public artist, Ernest Zacharevic. There are a total of seven artworks by him dotting the Old Town streets.



Travel back in time by walking around the heritage buildings

Owing to its compact size, Ipoh’s Old Town is where you will find a majority of the attractions. The fleet of heritage buildings in Ipoh is most evident in the Old Town. The walk encompassing this area is roughly around four miles.


Take a panoramically rewarding trek to the Kledang Hill

If you are looking for things to do in Ipoh that offer a subtle adrenaline rush, then you’ve got to head to the lovely Kledang Hill. This trek will also bring to light some amazing, indigenous plants.


A splash at the mesmerizing Ulu Kinta Waterfall

Formerly referred to as the Tanjung Rambutan Waterfall, this attraction lies just a twenty-minute drive away from the city center and ideal to enjoy a picnic and swim!


Get swept away by nature’s wonders at the Kek Lok Tong

If you love solving a little mystery then tracing your way to the Kek Lok Tong is a must! Sprawling across a whopping twelve acres, this place also houses a lovely foot reflexology path.



Admire the Birch Memorial Clock Tower

With a construction that commemorates the first British Resident of the state of Perak, James W. W. Birch, the Birch Memorial Clock Tower is a beautiful white tower. Its Victorian features are what add to its draw!


Enjoy a relaxing stroll at the Kinta River Walk

Once a river rich with tin, the Kinta River, today, is the city’s most ventured recreation area. In the mornings, you will locals fishing here, while the evenings dawn a vibrant setting with some fun hustle happening under the colourful lights.


Explore the eclectic night markets

Finally, it’s Malaysia so you’ve got to explore the beautiful night markets! Every week of the day holds a different night market.


With this list of free things to do in Ipoh, you are certain to return with some cherishing experiences, only to go back for more! If you are interested in more free things, check out our post on Toronto.


Photo credits – City-scape, Heritage building, & clock tower.