When you think of Las Vegas you immediately picture The Strip with all its glitz and glamor. However, there is another side to Vegas that is often missed – Downtown.

Downtown is the original Las Vegas. Its holds the history of this city and is just as glamorous as its more famous sister, The Strip.


Glitz, Glamor & Gambling at Plaza Hotel & Casino Las Vegas - Hotel Front


We had been to the bright lights of Las Vegas a few times before this particular trip and we are guilty of always staying on the Strip to be in the middle of it all. However, this time we wanted to experience the other side to Vegas, the more authentic side, so we stayed Downtown.

We chose The Plaza Hotel & Casino for its location, directly opposite the Freemont Street Experience, however it turned out to be so much more than a great location.

The Plaza has gone through a complete make over in recent years and as soon as you walk in it feels fresh and new, although it has been around since 1971.


Glitz, Glamor & Gambling at Plaza Hotel & Casino Las Vegas - Hotel Front 2


After checking in, and being upgraded to a penthouse suite (a very nice welcome!), we crossed the casino floor to the elevators to our room. We were immediately impressed with the casino part of the hotel. There was a lot more room to walk between the rows of slot machines, unlike a lot of other casinos that make you feel like a sardine in a can. They also had my favorite slot machines, and a fancy electronic poker room for Michael. We were in gamblers heaven.

The room, as you would expect for a penthouse, was amazing. To say it was big is an understatement – We’ve lived in apartments smaller than this room! What I noticed first up was how clean and fresh the room was. It certainly did not feel like something from the seventies. They obviously put a lot of work and care into the remodeling they completed in 2011.


Glitz, Glamor & Gambling at Plaza Hotel & Casino Las Vegas - Room


As much as I could have stayed in that room the entire 3 days and nights we were there, we did venture out and explore the rest of the hotel and casino.

There is a small food hall inside the hotel for those who prefer a quick snack rather than a large meal. For me, its all about the quality of the meal so we ate at the restaurants that are also inside the hotel; our favorite was Oscars.


Glitz, Glamor & Gambling at Plaza Hotel & Casino Las Vegas - Views from Oscars


Oscars has been voted “Best Steakhouse in Downtown Vegas” and it’s easy to see why. To say the food was good is a complete understatement. The food here wasn’t just ‘good’, it was amazing. I would say, the steaks we had were the best we had ever had; and this is coming from an Aussie who has lived on great steak her whole life!

However, it isn’t just the food that brings the locals and tourists into Oscars; it’s the view, the service and the atmosphere. Oscars is on the second floor of the hotel and has an amazing view of the Freemont Street Experience. Every 15 minutes or so, you can watch the light show of the Experience. The service was by far some of the best we have ever experienced, with the wait staff seeing to our every need and ensuring we had the most amazing experience. And the atmosphere – soft lighting, background music and the quiet chatter of diners around you; it was perfect.


Glitz, Glamor & Gambling at Plaza Hotel & Casino Las Vegas - Bed


Of course, staying in a casino hotel is more about the gambling than the food so we were sure to get plenty of that in too. Michael loved the electronic poker room, the only one of its kind in Vegas, and I will admit to putting a few too many bills in the slot machines, but having a great time doing so.

I can honestly say that this visit and this hotel was the clear winner of our past 5 visits to this amazing city. We had a wonderful time and would definitely come back to the Plaza Hotel & Casino when we visit Vegas again in the future.


Have you stayed in a Penthouse while staying at a hotel?