It’s been a while since our last road trip, so we decided to do another one! We love our road trips. In fact we started our new life with a 3 month road trip around the USA. Since then we have had a heap of short to medium length road trips including our European Road Trip our Costa Rica excursion and our drive from  Denver to Las Vegas. And that’s just some of them. This time we will be putting the miles in driving all the way from San Diego to Toronto. We aren’t going direct either. Here’s a map of our intended route…


We're going on another Road Trip! San Diego to Toronto - Map


That’s over 4,000 miles. And we aren’t messing around either. We are leaving this Saturday! Our road trip actually gets off to a slow start as we will just be heading up to Palm Springs which isn’t that far away. We’ll be there for a couple of nights before heading to Las Vegas for 6 nights. After that we head north to the Canadian border. There aren’t really any plans of how long it will take to get to Toronto after that.




On the way up we will definitely stop in at Salt Lake City and Yellow Stone National Park. These are two places we’ve been before and want to go back to. Then it’s straight up towards Edmonton, stopping in at Banff, one of our favorite places in Canada. We’ve only been there in winter, so it will be nice to see it in the summer. Nicole is looking forward to getting to Edmonton. I don’t think I’m going to be able to get her our of West Edmonton Mall, which is the biggest Mall in Northern America. I mean it even comes with a roller-coaster!

If I’m able to drag her out of there we then head East. That’s section is going to have some long long drives. There’s some open country there. It’s a part of the world we’ve never seen, so I can’t wait.


Post Cards from Canada - Toronto CN Tower


Once we are in Toronto we will set up shop for 4 months or so. We’ll try and take advantage of the Canadian winter (or what they call a winter!). It will be our longest stop since we left Australia. It will be good to really get into a local culture. Something you can only do with a several months stay.

Also this time we will be taking our new family member. Mitzu the shih tzu. He’s our new baby. Still less than 5 month old he is going to have a great time. We’ve been testing him out in the car and he loves it. He has his own little seat in the front.

We’ll keep everyone updated as we go along through Instagram, Facebook and of course the blog.


So, have you guys got any suggestions of places we should stop along the way? We are looking for advice!