Ten years ago Michael and I went on our first international trip together. The destination was Hawaii, via Fiji. As our first big adventure as a couple the trip holds so many wonderful memories for us. It was also a huge turning point in our lives – It was during this trip we discovered our passion for travel and spent the next 10 years working towards the life of travel we are now living.


 We’re off  - Hawaii here we come! - Hawaii 4


We fell in love with Hawaii, as most people do, and I remember how hard it was to leave after 8 glorious days there. So of course, we knew we would go back again, even if it is 10 years later!

This time around we will be visiting three of the islands; Oahu, Kauai and Maui. On our first visit we only had time to visit Oahu so this trip is kind of exciting for us!


Pololu Valley #1 - Big Island, Hawaii


We will spend 18 days in this beautiful region, exploring the islands as much as we can in that time. After spending 5 months in a winter climate, you have no idea how much we are looking forward to feeling the warm sun on our face! And as beach lovers who haven’t seen a beach in 6 months, we are more than ready for a dose of sand and surf.

Hawaii is a destination found on most people’s Bucket Lists. The year round perfect weather, the gorgeous clear water beaches and friendly Hawaiian locals ensure a trip to these islands is one you will not forget quickly.


We’re off  - Hawaii here we come! - Hawaii 4 - helpingothers


We feel very blessed that we are able to return once again to this beautiful region.

We will be doing something a little different and will be using a hashtag for this trip. We have not used hashtags in the past but feel it will be easier for those who want to follow along in a noisy Social Media world. You can follow the trip us using #LuxeHawaii via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+


We’re off  - Hawaii here we come! - Hawaii 3


We would love to hear from you and tips and recommendations for Oahu, Kauai or Maui. Where did you eat that was great? What did you see that you highly recommend? Which beaches are unmissable? We would love your help to make this an even more memorable visit than the first one.


We are so excited for this trip and hope to inspire a few of you to book a trip to Hawaii soon!