It should come as no surprise to regular readers by now to know that we love food in Belgium. Even though it might not be the most obvious of foodie destinations, it still continues to surprise us with how great it is. The food in Antwerp is no exception, and we ate plenty during our time in the city. Here’s our run down of all the Hot Spots to Eat in Antwerp, from hearty mains, to the sweetest eats in the city.


Hot Spots to Eat in Antwerp - Bitterzoet - source -



If you’re the kind of person who’s into trendy cafes with great coffee and unusual breakfast options, Bitterzoet is definitely the breakfast spot for you in Antwerp. If you’re watching your calorie intake it might not be suitable, but we’ve seen worst breakfast menus in our time. You’ll find big plates of deliciousness here, such as croque monsieurs with huge side salads – you can even get an egg on top if you’re especially hungry! They also have a signature caffeine-free coffee made from grains and herbs, if you don’t need a fix to wake you up.


Hot Spots to Eat in Antwerp - Graanmarkt 13 - source - their website



Graanmarkt 13’s Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in 2013 isn’t based on rumor – this place can only be described as nothing short of excellent. With a lunch menu consisting of either meat or fish with various vegetable side dishes, the core ingredients of their meals are basic, but the outcome is spectacular. The décor here is clean and modern, giving it that all round feel of keeping things simple and achieving something extraordinary. As lunch is only 29 euros per person, it won’t break the bank either. Graanmarket is actually also a shop and gallery, so you can pair up your visit here with a little bit of browsing and local culture.


Hot Spots to Eat in Antwerp - Zuiderterra



Situated in a unique building on a promenade next to the river, with modern and sleek look and swanky décor, the Zuiderterra is a beautiful spot in which to have dinner. The windows span the walls, allowing you to gaze out over the river as you eat – something that always makes for an atmospheric evening. Here you can find contemporary cuisine fit for a king, with all kinds of dishes on the menu. Their menu changes twice a year, in April and October, and they often serve season specialties that coincide with the freshest ingredients on offer at the time. If you’re in the mood for quality food in the perfect setting, Zuiderterras is definitely the place for you.


Hot Spots to Eat in Antwerp - Désiré de Lille - source - their website



Aside from the obvious chocolate shops and gelato stops, there aren’t that many places in Antwerp that specialize in out of this world dessert, but that’s probably because Désiré de Lille is a place that cannot be beaten. Famed for making the perfect Belgian waffle, this establishment is over 100 years old and prides itself on the classic Belgian treat. It’s even hailed by locals as one of the best places in Antwerp to get a waffle. Light, sugary, and oh-so-satisfying.


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