Having traveled a lot lately for business as well as pleasure, the hotel vs apartment great debate often played a vicious game of tug and war at the forefront of my mind. When it was time to get online, the choice was never an easy one.

While the price range may be fairly comparable between the two options, depending on your travel budget, the key to determining your decision making process is really very simple. Look within. 

What is your state of mind at the time of booking? How do you envision spending your precious time and valuable energy spent away from your home? Are you traveling with family? Is it a home away from home you are seeking or a complete escape from domesticated reality?

Let’s break down both options:


Hotel Vs Apartment - What's right for you? - Maximiian Apartments & Hotel Munich - Room



Short term apartment rentals are great for families and friends who prefer separate sleeping areas. Perfect also for longer stays without the cabin fever that a hotel room can sometimes provide. The lounge and dining areas are spacious and can make you feel right at home.

Apartments are a one-stop shop for everything you will need while you are away from normality. There is usually a washing machine, a dryer and a refrigerator.

Let’s not forget the biggest selling point of all, the fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette. This will provide you with all the crockery, utensils, cutlery and glassware that a hotel room is unable to provide for all your cooking requirements.


 Hotel Vs Apartment - What's right for you? - Kitchen


This is wonderful as it will save you money on restaurants and takeaway food, allowing you to spend all the extra dining out dollars you’ve just saved on having fun while your away instead! Using a service such as FlipKey is a great way to find the perfect apartment for your needs.

However, the down side to staying in an apartment is you have to wash your own dishes and make your own beds yourself. In most cases you will be charged a fee for any unwashed dishes left in the sink. That could be a deal breaker for some.

On the other hand….





A stay in a hotel can also be a very welcome break from reality. Perfect for a business traveler or any traveler where time is definitely of the essence.

From a young age, I was fascinated by the hotel room concept. You stay in a room, you leave the room and when you get back it’s all clean – just like magic!

They can even park your car for you, at an additional cost of course.

A good choice though for shorter stays and if the purpose of your visit is merely a safe, comfortable, cozy place to rest your head and relax while you’re away on business juggling appointments or spending your waking hours sightseeing.


Hotel Vs Apartment - What's right for you? - Front Hotel


Beware of the mini bar though, that little white inconspicuous fridge filled with tempting goodies breaks down my normally powerful willpower every single time.

Breakfast is sometimes included in the standard room price, something you don’t get with apartment rentals. Eating breakfast at the hotel restaurant is often luxurious and fun, especially if there is a buffet. You will eat three times more than you usually would but what the hell, you only live once.

Hotels are a complete break from reality. This accommodation option is the opposite extreme to the standard way of living, and could be the change we all seek when we travel. It forces you to eat out at every meal, your nutritional habits change temporarily and so does your entire conventional routine.


Hotel Vs Apartment - What's right for you? - Room


What a wonderful dilemma to have, an apartment or a hotel?

Both options have fantastic advantages, the answer lies within you and how your imagination pictures your quality time away from home sweet home. Good luck!


Hotel Vs Apartment – Which do you prefer?