One of our favorite US cities on the west coast is San Francisco.  We have been there three times previous to our house sit there and had always said we would love to spend more time exploring the city and neighboring areas.

So when the opportunity came knocking to house sit near by, we were quick to open the door!


San Francisco House Sitting - Golden Gate Bridge


The house was located 30 minutes east of downtown San Francisco in the area of El Sobrante.  It’s a gorgeous area with hills, valleys and the bay close by – really quite picturesque!

Shanna and John, the homeowners, were kind enough to collect us from the local train station.  They were such lovely people and we felt comfortable with them right away.

Their home was a lovely split-level, recently renovated house and was really charming.  We immediately felt right at home!

One of my favorite things about this housesit was the heated floor tiles in the bathroom!  Terry the cat also really enjoyed them.  Any time I went upstairs to the bathroom I would find Terry curled up in a ball on the warm tiles!


San Francisco House Sitting - Terry


The bed we were in, which was in the main bedroom, was the most comfortable bed we’ve ever slept in!  With a memory foam mattress and soft sheets, I had the best night sleep in that bed!

They had recently installed a large outdoor hot tub, and let me tell you, we made the most of that thing!  Most nights after dinner we would run out to the hot tub (I say ‘run out’ because nights were very chilly and we had to get into the tub quickly!) and relax under the stars.  It became a nightly ritual for us.

Along with Terry the 17 year old cat, we also took care of Charlie, a 16 year old dog with the most beautiful nature.   Both had some health issues (who wouldn’t at that age!) so Terry had to have daily injections and Charlie’s medications were a meal by itself!  But they were both very happy and loved all the attention they got.


San Francisco - House Sitting - walk the dog


Walking Charlie every day was not only his favorite part of the day but ours as well. It was coming into fall and the leaves were starting to change color and drop.  And it was really beautiful weather – Until the last week when a cold snap hit!   I will admit the fire was burning a couple of nights towards the end!

We thoroughly enjoyed our month in El Sobrante.  When we do sits like this – great pets, beautiful home and lovely owners – it reminds us why we love house sitting so much and why we wouldn’t want to travel any other way.


Have you been to San Francisco or the surrounding areas?  Would you like a House Sitting gig here?