We had fallen in love with Florida during our road trip across the United States.  I am not sure if it was the brilliant weather, the gorgeous beaches or the fact it was acceptable to eat diner at 4.30 in the afternoon that got us hooked, but we wanted to see more of this state once we had finished our road trip.

So when we were contacted by Beverley and asked if we would like to look after her home and two dogs, we of course said yes immediately!  We weren’t even really concerned with where her house was, what type of house it was or even what sort of dogs she had… We just knew we wanted to spend time in Florida.


Vero Beach House Sitting

Stunning tropical gardens surround this beautiful Vero Beach home


And we were right not to be concerned with those details because as it turned out, it was one of the best house sits we have done to date!

Beverley and Nate are two of the nicest homeowners we have met. Friendly, helpful and with a great sense of humor I knew it would be a treat to house sit for them.

Beverley’s house backs on to the inter-coastal waterways in Vero Beach and has beautiful sunset views over the water from her backyard.  Those Florida sunsets can be quite stunning!


Vero Beach House Sitting

A gorgeous sunset as seen from the back yard


The gardens and lawns are beautifully manicured and well maintained by professionals.  Most days I would lay a towel on the lawn and just admire the view while trying to get a little color on my skin (I say trying because I do not tan – I think I come from albino heritage!).

The pool area was a godsend when we were there in September/October.  Florida is still very warm and humid at this time of year!   There wasn’t a day we didn’t take a dip!


Vero Beach House Sitting

The pool and water feature – We spent many days cooling off in here!


But where we spent most of our time was inside this beautiful home.  This gorgeous split-level home had 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a kitchen I actually wanted to cook in (not normally a fan of cooking)!

‘Our’ room was painted bright blue – My favorite color, so I felt immediately at home!


Vero Beach House Sitting OUR ROOM

‘Our’ blue room… Although the Boys thought it was their room too!


However, it wasn’t the rooms or kitchen that got Michael hyperventilating with joy– It was the very large flat screen TV and surround sound stereo system!  Boys and their toys!

All this was great and we felt so blessed to be living in such a beautiful home but none of this is why we truly fell in love with this Vero Beach home.

Their names are Toby & Leo and they stole our hearts!  We fell for these guys the moment we met them.  When we first arrived we do what we always do; give the pets time to get to know us and feel comfortable with us.  Well, ‘the boys’ bonded to us as quickly as we did to them!


Vero Beach House Sitting

The boys! Toby (left) and Leo – Breed: Bichon Frise


There wasn’t a night that they didn’t sleep in our bed with us, which we were more than happy to accommodate!  If we were sitting on the couch, they were sitting right there with us.  If we were in the kitchen cooking, they were there watching us (Okay, maybe it’s because they could smell the food but I’ll tell myself its because they couldn’t bear to be away from us!).

During our daily walks with Toby and Leo, we met some of the neighbors who were all so lovely.  One of the things we love most about house sitting is getting to meet new people and sharing stories of life and travel.

One neighbor in particular had a Bichon Frise named Maddie (same breed as the boys) and we would all walk together.  They boys had a big crush on Maddie, and didn’t she know it!  She has them wrapped around her little paws!


Vero Beach House Sitting

Leo giving me a big smile while he poses for his photo!


To say it was hard to say goodbye after 10 days there is an understatement.  However, Beverley asked us to sit for her again in January and this time for 6 weeks! Of course we said yes!

So 3 months passed while we were traveling the world (well part of it) before coming back to Vero Beach.  I was keen to see if the boys remembered us and wondered if they felt about us how we felt about them.

We arrived at the house to start our second sit and as we were walking up to the door, the boys ran out to greet us with wagging tails and what I swear were smiles on their faces!  I was so excited to see they remembered us just as we had remembered them!


Vero Beach House Sitting

Toby having a rest after his walk – Don’t you love the little tongue poking out!


For the next 6 weeks the 4 of us were inseparable…. Sometimes too much so; The boys wouldn’t leave my side, even to go to the bathroom!  Talk about invasion of privacy!

We had 6 more weeks living in this beautiful home with these gorgeous pups who we grew more fond of with every day.  And if I thought it was hard to say goodbye after 10 days, it was so much worse saying goodbye after 6 weeks!

I spoke to Beverley after we left and she said they were pining for us and watching the door, waiting for us to return! Can you hear the sound of my heart breaking??

The hardest part about our house sitting life is leaving the pets.  We grow fond of all the pets we care for and we love them as if they were our own while we are with them, so it’s very hard to say goodbye and know we may never see these animals again.  On the flip side, the best part of house sitting is having animals in our life again, to love and to play with, even if for a short time.


Have you ever house sat while traveling?  Or is it something you might consider?