How anyone can travel with free accommodation

You don’t need a fancy degree or need to know the secrets of the universe to travel with free accommodation. You don’t even need to stay in dingy hostels or surf on anyone’s couch!

Anyone can get travel with free accommodation.  In fact, it’s very easy and people are doing it all over the world!

After last weeks post (‘What’s all this about house sitting’) we had so many of our readers email us with questions about house sitting.  And one of the most popular questions was: Can anyone house sit?

Yes! Anyone can house sit. 

You don’t even need experience to get startedYou just need to be an honest, reliable, good person and you can travel the world for free (accommodation wise – I’m not suggesting you will also eat free, sightsee free and fly free!).

You can be a 20 something year old on his or her gap year and housesit.  Or you could be a retiree spending your days traveling around the world and housesit.  You could be a single male, single female, a family, a married couple – It doesn’t matter who you are, there are opportunities for each and every one of you.




While I will admit it might be a little harder to break into housesitting if you have say been busted for breaking and entering, but unless you are a shady character there is no reason you cant start applying for house sits today!

And it’s not just an exclusive ‘travelers only’ club.  Our housesitting days started 13 years ago when we were building our first house.  We were already paying a mortgage but didn’t have a place to live for the 6 months they needed to build our home.  So instead of paying a mortgage AND rent we decided to housesit for 6 months to save money!  That was our first taste of house sitting.  Since then, we have house sat for dozens of people all over the world!

In this terrible economy a lot of people have had their work hours reduced or, even worse, lost their jobs completely.  Rents are too high for those on benefits and many people are forced out of their homes.  But what if you could live in a beautiful home rent free, would you? Of course you would!

There is no ‘secret housesitting club’ you need to be a member of.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the job either. All you need is a caring nature, to be respectful and honest, and know how to keep a home and yard neat and tidy.




Animal care is usually part of the requirements of house sitting so a genuine love of animals is also essential (unless you apply only for housesits without animals).

While any one of any age can housesit its completely up to the homeowner who they are looking for; their ‘ideal’ housesitters.  Some homeowners prefer a retired age couple because of their experience and maturity.  Others prefer a younger sitter, or sitters, because there may be tree pruning and yard work involved that an older person may struggle with.  So whether you are 20 or 70, there will be a homeowner looking for your specific skills.

It’s all about how well you sell yourself.  If you have the attitude of “I don’t want to mow your lawns or do any house work, I’m just after travel with free accommodation” you probably wont even get one housesit.  But if you let the homeowners know you are up for a challenge, you love gardening and are a neat freak (yes, they are all part of my profile!) then you are more likely to grab the homeowners attention.  But of course, never lie – They will see right through you!

Be confident in yourself and in your abilities as a housesitter.  Show the homeowners what your strengths are and why you are perfect to look after their home.  (see our post The Perfect Profile)

So whether you are a long term traveler, want to save for a home or want to try living in a new neighborhood before committing, anyone can start housesitting today and save thousands of dollars on accommodation costs!