In the recent past, Thailand has picked up as one of the major tourist hotspots and more for the western tourists. Not only the does this magnificent country offers western beach enthusiasts a different flavor with its rich Asian roots, but it is also extremely easy on the pocket for a beach destination that offers so much more. It is by far one of the most entertaining, and diverse destinations in the world. Although there is a lot to see, discover and experience in this rich country, since every region has its uniqueness, Phuket remains one of the most entertaining destinations, and rightfully so.

However, if you are going to Thailand, and especially Phuket for beaching on a budget, beware that a little wrong decision making and your expenses can blow way out of proportion. It is effortless to end up overspending in Thailand, especially for travelers who are new to Asian destinations. Here is a quick guide on how you can explore Phuket to its maximum without spending too much.



Pack Smart

Interestingly, while the budget is the key reason why many travelers flock to Thailand, most must-see places are far-flung islands and have little connectivity with the international flight circuit. Most international flights enter these islands from other far Eastern neighborhoods such as Singapore or from Dubai, the Asian transit hub for most trips. This means that you will be landing in the capital city of Bangkok and will be taking a connecting flight to Phuket from there on. Now, flying into Phuket can be very reasonable or very expensive depending on whether you use a no-frills domestic airline or a regular one.

If you have baggage that needs to be checked-in, then you will either have to take the regular airline or pay extra for the checked-in luggage in case of a budget airline. Therefore it is highly recommended, that instead of carrying large suitcases, pack your things in smart and compact carry-on luggage. If you are traveling in a group or family, take only carry-ons for each member. This will allow you to avail the economy of no-frills airlines at very reasonable rates. A comprehensive review of Bric’s luggage available online suggests they are one of the best carry-on suitcases for destinations like Phuket. They are both durable, and spacious and their size will allow them to fit in any standard aircraft without costing you any excess charges.



Moving Around, Eating and Shopping

There are many options in Phuket to move around the town, but the best bet is to rent your car if you are a family or a group, or rent a bike if you are a solo traveler in a couple. Car and bike rentals are very reasonable in Thailand while cabs and taxis are exorbitantly priced and can easily scam tourists. Moreover, moving around and exploring a new place with a Google map at your disposal is a one-of-its-kind e experience.

Likewise, you will find eating and shopping options that will range from fancy restaurants to reasonably priced street food. Do not underestimate the deliciousness of the street food, which is at times far better than the mainstream one. Unless you want to buy expensive international brands, stick to the street markets and the night walking streets for most of your shopping. Bargain everywhere and as much as you can to get the best deals.