How We’ve Afforded to Travel for 6 Years

Back in March 2012 we sold everything, packed up our bags and bought a ticket to everywhere. At the time we had no idea if we’d be traveling for 6 months or 10 years. That was one of the great things about it. It was an unknown. Fast forward to early 2013 and we knew we were in it for the long haul. We had loved every minute of it. Our 3 month road trip around the USA, several stops in both Europe and Central America, then we topped it off with a 14 day Caribbean cruise. Yes, we were living our dream and we never wanted it to end.


Love is in the air


When we left we had saved up some money. We’d sold everything we’d owned, so we had some money behind us. Unfortunately that money wasn’t going to last forever. We knew if we wanted to do this thing long term we’d have to come up with a solution on how to make some money on the road. We knew we had about 6 or so months to figure out some way of topping up the coffers.

So we tried…. everything. Yes, if there was some way of making money online we gave it a go. We tried blogging, affiliates, free lancing and being a virtual assistant to name a few. And we had some success with each one of them… but they were only bringing in small amounts of money. We love the luxury life (as you can tell by this blog), and while the money was coming in, it was only covering the bills and not giving us a chance to really enjoy our travel life.



And that’s when we tried out being Social Media Managers. In short, we’d hire ourselves out to manage the social media accounts of businesses from around the world. We’d do anything from setting up accounts, getting them more followers, make posts for them, as well as respond to any queries they may receive from social media users. It was quite simple and was a job we could do from anywhere in the world. All we needed was a internet connection.

And the business just took off. After a short time we were bringing in over $10,000 per month! We knew now that our dream of staying on the road indefinitely was in our own hands. Is there a better feeling than having your own destiny in your own hands? I don’t think so.



Now it’s 2017. It’s been 5 years since we’ve left home and there is no end in sight. And we have being a Social Media Manager to thank for it. And the great thing is we only had to work part time hours to achieve this full time income. So we could still enjoy traveling the world. We didn’t have to sit in an office 9 to 5 every day or work ridiculously long hours on our computers. We could pick and choose our hours. Most weeks we only worked about 20 hours. This means if we wanted to go out and explore the place we were in… we could!

We had such success with being Social Media Managers, we decided to start teaching others how to do the exact same thing as us. We know there are a lot of ‘would be’ travelers out there that dream of traveling the world, but don’t know how they can afford it. Let me tell you… you should look into becoming a Social Media Manager. Good income… part-time and flexible hours… work from anywhere in the world. Talk about a perfect situation for someone who wants to travel!!!

If you are interested in taking the first steps to living the life you’ve always wanted I’ve put together a Webinar that will show you how to become a Social Media Manager in 5 Easy Steps.

I’ll see you there!


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