After venturing underground for our first non-beach tourist venture in Barbados at Harrison’s Caves we decided that for our next outing we would investigate the above ground highlights.  We loved the jungles of Costa Rica so decided that we would visit a ‘Garden’ to see how it compares.  In Barbados, for such a small island, you really get spoiled for choice when it comes to the flora variety.  The three main gardens to see are  Hunte’s Garden, Flower Forest Botanical Garden and the Andromeda Botanic Gardens.  Each one offers something slightly different for a similar price and are all located north east of Bridgetown in close proximity to each other.


Hunte's Gardens - 6

Welcome to “The most enchanting place on earth”


After a bit of research we chose Hunte’s Gardens as it seemed to offer more flowers and had received great reviews (yes, Nicole did the research and made the choice).  Hunte’s is located about 20 minutes drive from Bridgetown and can easily be reached by bus, though the buses are infrequent.  Another option is to get a taxi and if you are coming in from the cruise ships this is probably the best option, but will cost you a little more.  There are also planned tours to Hunte’s Gardens, but they come at a steep premium.


Hunte's Gardens - 9

Look how relaxed we look chilling in Hunte’s Gardens


The price to enter Hunte’s Gardens is $US15 or $BDS30 and is operated by Anthony Hunte, who occupies a house at the top of the Gardens.  He might just be the nicest guy you will ever meet.  He welcomes you as if an old friend and will gladly let you into his house to sit and chat on his verandah while overlooking the Garden.  I have a feeling that he would happily chat with you for hours on end if you so felt inclined.  He obviously loves his Gardens and is proud of it, as he should be.  He comes across as a very person who would love to get to know you, unlike a lot of touristy attraction.  He even asked us what music we wanted over the PA system to walk around to!


Hunte's Gardens - 5

There are many stunning flowers to be seen


The garden itself occupies a valley setting in the tropical rain forest.   You are free to wonder around the grounds at your own leisure.  The Garden is nothing short of spectacular.  Anthony has done an incredible job of setting up the Garden.  The quality and variety of the greenery and flowers was amazing.  You couldn’t turn your head without seeing hundreds of flowers.  Make sure you bring your camera and make sure the battery is full.  We took over 200 photos and it was very hard to cut down to only 10 shown in this post!  That’s a great problem to have!


Hunte's Gardens - 10

The greenery in the Gardens is spectacular


Hunte's Gardens - 4

Purple Lilly


The Garden is interconnected with easy to walk paths that meander throughout, taking you through numerous different mini gardens set up by Anthony, each one as spectacular as the last.  Throughout Hunte’s Gardens there are numerous seating arrangements to sit and relax.


Hunte's Gardens - 8

Take a seat and relax to some classical piano on the PA system while chatting to your friends


Next to the Hunte’s house is the remains of the original house (Anthony currently lives in what use to be the old stable!), which dates back 150 years.  You get to wonder through it and there is a real authentic look and feel to it.  And, of course, it has a scattering of plants and flowers throughout it.


Hunte's Gardens - 1

The Dining Room in the old house


We wondered around the Gardens for about an hour and had an incredible time.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and recommend it highly to anyone thinking of visiting.  Hunte’s Garden is a great half day excursion and you will come back with some great memories and even more photographs.


Hunte's Gardens - 2

Statue standing amongst the garden


Hunte's Gardens - 3

We had so many great flower photos to choose from. This is just one.


Hunte's Gardens - 7

Serenity in the Garden inspired by Buddha herself


Have you ever visited a Garden that blew you away?