Hong Kong is the hub of Chinese culture. You can find culture everywhere throughout this bustling city. With looming skyscrapers and businesses on every corner, Hong Kong has everything a modern city could ask for but, you can still find touches of tradition and nature dotting the expanse of the city. When you first arrive, you will become a member of an international city where art and technology come alive and blend together into a cultural masterpiece. Three days is a short visit to on of the most amazing cities in Asia, but with this helpful itinerary, you can see every important part of this busy city. So book your flights and Hong Kong hotel today and check out the following amazing sites.


Four Must Dos While Visiting Hong Kong - Light show


Day One

You will see Hong Kong’s iconic skyline as you fly into Hong Kong International Airport. The skyline is full of tall buildings and bustling citizens overlooking a gorgeous body of water. At night, you can see all of the city lights reflecting in the bay. After getting off the plane, you have a variety of transportation options to get around the city. You can use a taxi, a bus, or the metro to get to your next destination.

Your first stop in Hong Kong should be the Hong Kong Museum of History. The Hong Kong Museum of History displays 400 million years’ worth of history in 700 meters of space. This museum can tell you everything you need to know about the city you are visiting. You can learn all about Hong Kong from the beginning of time. The Hong Kong Museum of History has so many exhibits, you could easily find yourself here all day, but in order to do everything you can in your short stay, you should move on to the next stop.

The last stop on your first day in Hong Kong should be the Clock Tower. You can find the Clock Tower on the southern shore of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon. It is the last remnant of the historic Kowloon Station on the Kowloon-Canton Railway which was formed in 1909. The Clock Tower looms over the bay and the city and stands a beautiful landmark. At night, the tower lights up the surrounding area and is truly a sight to see.


Four Must Dos While Visiting Hong Kong - Buddha


Day Two

Today will be full of sightseeing on Lantau Island. Lantau Island is the large island in Hong Kong and was originally composed of numerous fishing villages. Now, it is a major hub of construction and is under huge development. The island is a beautiful spot to sight-see. Lantau Island has beaches and mountains perfect for spending time outdoors soaking up the sun and immersing yourself in the nature of Hong Kong, but it is also full of great tourist attractions and landmarks.

Your first location on Lantau Island will be the Tian Tan Buddha. This statue is also known as Big Buddha. Big Buddha was built in 1993 and spans 34 meters tall and weight over 250 metric tons. He was made out of 202 bronze pieces and sits on a hillside perch overlooking the bay. The statue was built to symbolize the harmony between faith, people, and nature. While at Tian Tan Buddha, visit its adjoining monastery, Po Lin Monastery. It was founding in 1906 and features beautiful, classic Chinese architecture.

Next, go to Tai O, a fishing town on the northwest side of Lantau Island. Tai O is over three centuries old. This city is known for maintaining its history. Many of the original infrastructure of the Tai O is either still in place or restored to its former glory. You can see historic waterways, fishing boats, and dozens of stilt houses when you visit Tai O. Tai O is also a great place to stop for lunch so you can try some authentic Chinese food liked salted fish and shrimp paste.

After you leave Tai O, go discover more history at Tung Chung Fort. Tung Chung Fort was built in 1817 in attempt to put a stop of the opium trade in the area and defend Hong Kong from pirates. Also, during World War II, the Japanese Army took over the fort. Inside, you can see enclosures and six old cannons made out of granite. The fort was refurbished in 1988 and today, visitors can enjoy all of its history.


Four Must Dos While Visiting Hong Kong - The Peak


Day Three

For your third and final day in Hong Kong, spend it in on Flower Market Road. Flower Market Road is a large farmers market dedicated to the native flowers of Hong Kong. Here, you can find numerous venders selling their large, beautiful blooming flowers. Flower Market Road is full of lush greenery and exotic scents. Locals love to shop on Flower Market Road for flowers that attract good luck and fortune.


When you are done on Flower Market Road, take some time to go back and do anything that you feel you overlooked. Hong Kong is full of sights and attractions- it is almost impossible to do them all! Take time to make sure you got everything out of your trip that you wanted to; even consider coming back in the near future! Most importantly, have fun on your 3-day trip to Hong Kong.



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