Kristy passion is travel. She shares her stories on her blog We talk to Kristy about her big plans for her upcoming trip and she dishes the dirt on solo travel.


What’s the best bit of travel advice you have ever received?

I can’t think of any really good travel advice I’ve gotten other than just people encouraging me to go and travel while I’m young and have the opportunity to.


You are planning a big trip to Asia, tell us a little about that!

Yes! I am going back to Asia this fall, and I’m so excited about it! I’ll be spending about 2 months (maybe longer) visiting China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. I’ve been to Thailand before but I’ll be checking out some places I missed last time, and I’m really looking forward to heading south to see Malaysia and Singapore. I think China will be a crazy experience and much different than what I’ve seen before. I will be writing about the planning of this trip and well as updates along the way on my blog, so check it out if you’re interested!


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Did you make any rookie mistakes when you first started traveling?

When I went on a trip to Spain, Italy and Greece with a friend, we planned everything out before we left. Everything from the amount of time we would have in each place, to the hostels, trains, and flights were all preset and prebooked. It worked out ok, however it was not at all necessary and we were heavily restricted to what we could and could not do.


What is your proudest accomplishment you achieved while traveling?

Going to Southeast Asia by myself. It was my first time really traveling on my own, and all my friends and family thought I was a bit crazy. Looking back, I am so glad I did it alone, it was a bit scary but so amazing and worth it. I feel like that trip opened up my mind and will allow me to go for more opportunities I might not have before.


What is the best and worst thing about traveling solo?

The best thing would be not having to worry about your travel companions needs or wants, and you can just do what you want to do each day. The worst thing would be sometimes getting a bit lonely, or some people’s reaction when you tell them you are traveling solo.


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What is your travel mantra?

I have two slightly cheesy and overused sayings that I often remind myself of when I’m traveling. The first is “stop and smell the roses” because I think sometimes life goes by too fast and you really need to slow down and take in your surroundings and kind of pinch yourself and say wow I am here, this place I’ve always wanted to come to, and it is amazing! The second one would be “when in Rome…” because there are some things I wouldn’t do at home, or think to be that interesting, but when you’re in the right place certain things need to be done; such as riding a motorbike in Vietnam, or eating a cricket in Cambodia.


As a solo traveler does it ever get lonely? 

Sometimes, but there’s always other travelers you can connect with who are also feeling a bit lonely or homesick and you can kind of help each other feel better. I usually just remind myself of where I am and what an awesome experience I’m having and how being lonely every now and then is worth it for that opportunity.


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Fast Fun Five…

What city was best value for money?

Sihanoukville, Cambodia


What is your preferred method of travel; Trains, Planes, Driving or Cruising?

Trains (you can see the scenery, walk around, and you don’t get jetlagged)


What has been the weirdest thing you have eaten (on purpose!)?

A cricket! (In Phnom Penh, Cambodia)


Favorite country and why?

Greece – for the historic sights, beaches, and the food! (Very closely followed by Italy and Cambodia)


If you could travel with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

Emma Stone or Jennifer Lawrence – because they both seem to be fun to hang out with


Kristy is the creative writer behind the exciting travel blog The Globetrotting Canuck. After realizing her passion for travel long ago on a trip to Paris, Kristy soon started to imagine all the places she would one day hope to visit. Since then, she has checked off many items on her list in Europe, Southeast Asia and elsewhere, and she is always dreaming of her next great adventure.  Whether she’s exploring the ancient ruins in Angkor Wat, Cambodia or wandering through her hometown of Vancouver, Canada, she’s always seeking new experiences to share with others. Armed with good observation skills and an eye for detail, Kristy also gives great tips and advice to help her readers plan their own adventures. 


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