Minnesota is their home, Florida is where they live and the world is their playground. Jenna and Micah from WandertheMap.com seek out adventures both near and far and want to inspire others to do the same.


What’s the best bit of travel advice you have ever received?

Travel slow and try not to pack too many activities in—we have a tendency to run from place to place nonstop, but once we learned to slow down we were able to enjoy the little things more, and we don’t get as exhausted either!


In what ways, if any, has travel changed you?

It has opened our eyes to seeing the world for what it really is—by experiencing the world firsthand you gain the ability make your own observations of a place instead of what you see and hear in the media.  It has expanded our horizons and now we want to see and experience even more!


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What has been your most valuable lesson learned from travel?

To be patient and go with the flow—if you let allow it, little inconveniences can get in the way of having a great time.  If you can learn to have fun no matter what situation presents itself, you are always guaranteed a good time.


What does travel give you that nothing else has ever given you?

A lifetime of amazing memories to look back on—from seeing new places, experiencing new adventures, and exploring the world, we have been gifted with some of our favorite memories that are irreplaceable.


You travel a lot using frequent flier miles; Any tips on how to best utilize these programs?

We always travel by redeeming some sort of miles to help reduce our costs—whether it’s for a hotel, plane tickets or car rental.  If you can plan ahead, booking early gives you the best availability for the lowest amount of miles.  And, make sure to take off-season travel into consideration.  Redemption rates are much lower and the destination is typically cheaper and less crowded during the off-season.  Also, if you travel during the shoulder-season (usually a couple weeks after peak season ends), you get the best of both worlds because it’s off season prices but the weather is usually still nice.


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What has been your most memorable ‘out of my comfort zone’ experience?

Approaching people we don’t know to either ask a question or strike up a conversation has always been out of both of our comfort zones.  On our last trip to Europe, we made a point to interact with more people and we made some great connections and received tips on places to go that we would have otherwise missed. It makes for a much better experience all around!


What is the best and worst thing about traveling as a couple?

We actually travel really well together—we enjoy the same activities so it’s great to have amazing experiences together that we can look back on. The worst thing is that it can make it harder to break away and meet new people, such as locals and other travelers.


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Fun Fast Five…

What was the first overseas trip you took?

Jenna: Study abroad course to France and England

Micah: Curacao in the Caribbean


If you could travel back in time, which era and place would you go to and why?

I think we both would say the 1920’s and we would go to Paris or New York.  We just love the culture, feel and lifestyle of the 20’s.  Especially the music and photography from that era!


What city was best value for money?

We really haven’t been to many destinations that are super affordable, but Curacao was probably the best value for the money.  If you stay away from the expensive tourist spots, there are many fun activities that are cheap or even free, such as hiking Mt. Christoffel, snorkeling off shore, or cliff jumping!


If you could travel with one celebrity, who would it be and why?

We would travel with Jason Segel because he is hilarious and would always be entertaining.


If you had to chose a country other than your own to settle down in, where would it be and why?

Jenna: France because it’s beautiful, there is so much I want to see throughout the country and it is easy to get to many other European destinations that are nearby.

Micah: Canada because it’s close to home and it would be easier to visit family and friends.


Jenna and Micah created a travel site called Wander The Map, to share their experiences and provide tips and inspiration for others. Always up for an adventure, they travel as much as their schedules allow to capture the world through photos, videos and words. You can also follow their journey on Facebook and Twitter.



If you are a seasoned traveler and would like to take part in our interview series please express your interest via info@suitcasestories.com Thank you!


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